Thursday, May 4, 2017

As Horrific as this Sounds

The Republicans (at present) are preventing human extinction this century by literally (killing off) the poor and lower middle Class in this country and others by all their actions.

The Democratic plans (if Hillary was elected) would have (in kindness and human rights) actually caused human extinction by 2080 or 2090 on present timelines.

So, to most people this is unbelievable or paradoxical and they wouldn't want to address or believe it in any way, shape or form. However, as an intuitive I must address this problem.

So, even for me, this is a complete paradox and similar to trying to address what happened when the Titanic sank in nature.

What happens when the Earth cannot support the amount of people we have alive in any given time and political order and technology and society and civilization.

It is sort of like the Titanic in real life.

For example, who mostly lived on the Titanic?

Mostly only the richest women and children lived and a few men who pretended to be women to live survived.

Almost all men, women and children who were lower middle Class on down died.

We are presently facing a similar problem here on earth in many countries right now.

And this problem will get only worse caused by Global Climate change, overpopulation caused starvation (which actually means that there is not enough water, food grown inexpensive enough for people to buy and eat in that specific locality on earth).

So, as we watch more and more pockets on earth caused by a lack of education and starvation in specific areas this is only going to increase.

And political correctness (like an ostrich putting it's head the sand) only increases starvation and terrorism which leads to governmental collapse at local levels worldwide because political correctness in the end is only a lie perpetrated to try to reduce ethnic on ethnic murders. But, unless actual truth is reached soon enough politeness only kills everyone in the end.

So, the sooner more people can get realistic about all aspects of their lives the sooner we find actual ways to keep humanity alive long term.

Being a terrorist isn't realistic if mankind is going to survive this century. But believing in Political correctness is equally bad to being a terrorist in the overall effects of this (ostrich with it's head in the sand too).

So, Terrorists have to get educated in order for humans to survive and Politically correct educated people have to become more realistic and more "where the rubber meets the road" for humanity to actually survive all this at all this century. Only in this way will any of humanity actually survive to live to see 2100.

It might be a good time to watch the movie Titanic in order to observe what actually happened then to get an idea of what is coming for earth this century in reality.

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    Thinking of living on earth as the Titanic one learns to see how this relates to human survival at all during this century and beyond.

    Civilizations are created to help most of humanity to survive anything.
    However, the Titanic sinking symbolizes the collapse of civilization here on earth caused by Overpopulation.

    The problem caused by overpopulation and starvation in the uneducated classes results in genocide, terrorism and in the upper classes Political Correctness which is the other side of the coin to terrorism.

    Terrorism is the unrealistic position of the uneducated poor and starving, Political correctness is the reaction of the upper classes to ethnic murders and chaos. Both are completely unrealistic if any humans are going to survive the "Sinking of the Titanic" this century and beyond.

    A much different societal structure would have to be created this century for any humans at all to survive all this with ANY civilization left intact at all.

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