Thursday, May 4, 2017

Honed (in regard to honing your instinct and intuition for maximum benefit to you and all others)

    1.  by this definition, honed simply means sharpened. So, what I meant in the last article was one should sharpen their senses for what they are most likely to encounter in any given situation. For example, before I go out my front door I sharpen my senses for walking or driving or riding my motorcycle and before I do any of these things I tend to look forward into time to make sure I am safe at least an hour or two in the future. If for some reason I'm not safe on that timeline I create another one doing something else. 

      You might say, "Oh. I don't have the freedom to change timelines like that."

      My response is going to be: "Then one day you might wind up dead before your time." Because unless you can choose where you are going to be when and choose everything in your life, you are vulnerable to dying before your time from an intuitive's perspective.

       If you want to have control and live as long as possible you MUST have free control over what you do in any given moment or you might die before your time by being forced by job or circumstance to be somewhere that causes your early demise.

      This is why I have always chosen to be an entrepreneur because being a business owner (if structured properly) always gives a person maximum freedom to stay alive and have a quality lifetime.

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      Honed definition, a whetstone of fine, compact texture for sharpening razors and other cutting tools. See more.

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