Thursday, May 4, 2017

The more honed your instincts and intuition are the more likely you will survive whatever comes in life

Intellectual capacity is helpful but without common sense, intuition and just plain instinct often your life will be cut short of you ONLY have intellectual capacity. LIke Einstein said, "Intelligence isn't very useful if you don't also have common sense!"

However, there are two kinds of Instinct and intuition: City instinct and intuition and Country instinct and intuition.

I prefer being in the country where my senses can be set wide so I don't have to shut them down to survive the city.

There are different senses you can open up or shut depending upon where you are and what you are doing and most of us do this automatically now who are world travelers already. But, this is a skill you tend to develop over time after having bad experiences when going to the country (when livin in the city) or going to the city (when living in the country).

So, when you hone your skills often it is either for city survival or country survival. I have learned to do both but am generally happier in the beautiful countryside somewhere with no smog or people who might be a problem to deal with.

It's not that people in the country can't be a problem too but generally country people cause different problems than city people do when they are unruly.

So, knowing where you are going and what you are likely to encounter there makes your life more survivable on any given day.

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