Friday, May 5, 2017

How many actual timelines are there in regard to Earth?

In regard to ones I personally have been on just like anyone born before 9-11-01 I have been on two timelines now.

However, by those who I worked with to help create the 2nd timeline we all very fortunately live on I was also told there are 3 other timelines. It is possible that one of these three other timelines connected to earth civilizations is the one with Germany and Japan winning world war II with nuclear weapons. I cannot say for sure I have just heard that this is true.

However, it is also true that there are literally thousands of Time Shards (which are defined as time lines that end). So, for example, if you were on a time shard (which are unsanctioned by both Earth Governments and the Galactic Government and every government in between(there is a solar system government by the way based by plasma beings in the Sun, for example.) The Solar System Government (since everything would die without the Sun in the Solar System) oversees all life in the Solar system. This is a common plasma being governmental system seen throughout the galaxy by the way.

The one thing I can say for sure about Plasma beings in STars and suns is that they have the same type of souls that we all have here on earth as human beings. So, I'm thinking a human being could reincarnate as a plasma being or a plasma being could reincarnate as a human being doing certain work here on earth.

I'm told that it is much more likely for a plasma being to incarnate as an earth being doing special work here than vice versa. LIkely it is because being a plasma being is such a very different thing than being in a human body on earth.

I have soul traveled into the Sun around 1970 I believe and it felt in my soul body like being in a hot tub or spa. I didn't have to breathe solar plasma because my body is on earth so you can soul travel through space, time and into suns without harm.

However, you want to be traveling with angels to protect you otherwise this can be fatal or your body can be taken over by bad things. So, I was taught by God never to Astral Project because this leaves your body vulnerable to potentially bad things to take over your body. But Bi-location where you are more than one place at a time is safer if you are traveling with angels on a mission.

By God's Grace

The easiest way to Soul Travel and be safe is first to invoke angels while lying safe on a bed in a room that is locked so no one can disturb you. Then when you know the angels are there with you you can speak with them and begin to travel on the mission you are going on for God.

This is why I was safe to go to the center of the Galaxy through the Sun back around 1970 to ask that Earth be spared from Nuclear Annihilation. The Galactic Sentience (who told me I was a reincarnation of his Grandfather) said as long as he could see through my eyes he could save earth from Nuclear annihilation. At the time this sounded like a Good bargain to save Earth born humans from Extinction.

I still now think this was the right thing to do.

He said my oversoul had put him in charge of the Galaxy millions of years ago when I had retired from being the Galactic Sentience. At the time I was just being polite in a Foreign Country so to speak. I had no idea at all what to do with this information.

But, having now had almost 50 years to process everything that happened then I have a much better understanding now.

I have learned not to just throw away things I learn because you never know when something someone tells you you might find useful. So, I just put things in categories even then of Hypotheses, Theories and laws and just general ideas. I don't throw things away because you never know when something someone tells you or you see will be useful to your survival or someone else's survival.

So, in living this way I find is extremely powerful and useful not only to me but to all beings I encounter in life.

For example, he told me that the natural state for Creators like he and I (our oversouls) is not in time or space. Over time, I realized we as creators came out of another place that doesn't have time or space and we created time and space when we created the Galaxy. He said as much. So, how I see all this now is  kind of like we are all these Creator beings that we here on earth call our souls. But, what is really true is that if you are incarnating you are already usually millions or billions of years old and you are taking incarnation for the mortality of it so you learn to appreciate immortality through mortality of being a human being. Because the only thing that can kill a creator I was told was boredom. So, trying to stay alive helps old Creators (who have lived millions and billions of years already in time and space) from dying of boredom from living that long.

So, that is what we appear to be doing here on earth, incarnating as human beings to avoid dying of boredom and millions and billions of year old creators.

To me, the paradox is that we naturally come from a place with no time or space. Maybe the problem is that once we live in Time and Space long enough we get bored and then have to incarnate as human beings and other advanced species to give enough meaning to our lives to stay alive.

But, in the end we stay alive usually for our progeny more than ourselves. This appears to be the case because they love us and revere us and we don't want to hurt our progeny (our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren, great great grandchildren and so on and so on.

So, it is out of love and respect for the ones we love that we continue to be the old wise ones forever if possible-----

By God's Grace

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