Friday, May 5, 2017

When people say "Cloud" or "ICloud" what does that really mean?

It basically means your information is backed up somewhere on a server somewhere on earth. Or more likely, pieces of your information are literally scattered in servers all over the earth.

So, I don't want my information out there literally scattered all over the earth in places where I have no control at all if it is hacked.

So, now I am "FORCED" if I want to have an IPHONE to have some information in the Cloud. It's just that I'm not buying anymore storage. So, when I get messages telling me (it's been 46 days since you backed up to the Cloud or ICloud I completely ignore these messages because these are for people who are novices at all this and don't know any better.

For example, the least secure computer device likely you will ever own in your life is your IPhone.


Because governments got involved in the design and so both all governments on earth that want a copy of everything you have on your phone can buy it and all texts you send all governments on earth can have a copy of that if they want it or want to buy it. And if you do banking on your Iphone or any other smartphone you are taking a much bigger risk than you might think right now.

So, I do no banking at all on my Iphone or computer because I realized neither of them were safe enough to actually do this.

Banks want you to do literally everything on your smartphone because it is very convenient for them and this way they get a constant stream of literally anything you do on your smartphone too while they are at it.

However, having studied Computer Science in the 1960s and ever since I know all this and most people don't.

So, I don't want to ever use a Cloud or ICloud for anything really. However, more and more they force you to so then you have to choose between whether you actually want ANY smartphone or not which is a very hard choice for me.

For safety and communication between all members of my family in all countries they might be in it's good and safe for me. But, at the same time I have to realize that literally ANY or all Governments or criminals worldwide could also get a transcript (hard copy or other) of literally anything I or my children or my wife do on a phone for literally ANY purpose whether it is benign or some criminal wanting to harm me or any member of my family in any way.

So, knowing what I know I'm sure we all are getting screwed every day by all this. How much remains to be seen in the long run?

If you want to understand all this a little better go watch "The Circle" with Tom Hanks and you will understand the problem a little better I think.

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