Monday, May 22, 2017

If you are going to quote something off the Internet be sure to save the word button to the quote first


Because often sites reconfigure regularly and you might not be able to find the word button later. Many times lately I have made this mistake which can be very frustrating because then if you cannot find the word button, it means you have to use the URL instead of a word button and this is something many people won't know what to do with.

But, if you save the word button you can always find the article that goes with it as long as the site doesn't delete the article.

Also, if you save the word button then just save the word button by itself and then go to your published word button and then click on it to quote whatever part or all of it you are trying to quote in the first place.

This is just useful blogging.

HOWEVER, just remember doing this on a world wide site it is much better if you are not displaying adds that you make money from. Because only if you are a non-profit public service site are you likely to be allowed to do this even here in the U.S.

You see, many countries cannot get U.S. sites for news at all. So, there ONLY choice might be blogs like this one that goes wherever Google Goes worldwide.

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