Tuesday, May 16, 2017

People in the United States have much in common with people all over the earth


Because we literally come from all nations on earth. Trump is an anomaly at this point and most of his wrath appears to be directed at Muslims of the Middle East which is very unfortunate for Muslims in general but also unfortunate for America in that we have always believed in Freedom of Religion which is one of the main tenants of America in that our first successful settlers from Europe were the Pilgrims who were seeking refuge form persecution who landed at Pilgrim Rock in Massachussetts. There was a colony before this but they were either killed by native Americans or starved to death or both before this. So, this religious Christian Cult of Pilgrims was the first colony to actually survive here in the U.S. from Europe.

Because of this we are very interested in Freedom of Religion as a nation because these were the first Europeans and sort of set the standard in some ways for all the rest who came later. So, this is also why America is also open to more cultish versions of all religions as long as they are not a threat to humans or the government.

So, this is an ideal of course because there are always those (about 36% to 38%) of Americans who might try and persecute anyone different from them and they are mostly Protestant Christians in more extreme and cultish forms of Christianity here in the U.S. they are also more likely to join Militias and to arm themselves with AR-15s or Kalashnikov sub-machine guns.

But, the point I'm trying to make is people in the U.S. feel very close to people of all nations on earth because we are literally from all nations on earth. So, we don't feel angry towards the people of any nation on earth we are only worried about some governments who are a threat to our way of life and our democracy.

So, if is very important for all nations to realize we are naturally friendly toward the people of all nations on earth we just are suspicious about some governments open to killing or destroying our democracy.

For example, many people in the U.S. have Russian or Chinese heritage and that is okay with us. But that doesn't mean we aren't cautious about Russian government doings or Chinese government doing either because we aren't stupid.

We are helpful to all kind and good people on earth but at the same time we aren't stupid we protect ourselves from all governments as well.

By God's Grace

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