Tuesday, May 16, 2017

UFO Stuff

LIkely I was chosen as someone that could be contacted form other times (forward from now) (our descendants) because I sense people's motivations when I get within about 100 yards of almost anyone if I'm alert and scanning the area with my senses at the time.

So, If someone lies to me I usually know that they are lying if I'm alert and on guard enough at the time. So, I don't just have a catatonic reaction and faint if I have contact with someone not from this time or planet.

Generally, more sophisticated species are like this when they visit earth. Because otherwise, most people who aren't like me have psychotic breaks when something like this happens to them. And if someone is unconscious or has a stroke or a heart attack when confronted with a time traveler from the future or an actual alien from another planet that isn't very useful.

So, generally speaking they tend to contact people who can sense these things so they just don't pass out from the alien-ness of the experience or die right there on the spot.

I've had time to think about this more over the years now and this is what I think about it all.

OF Course Governments hide this kind of information because they don't want their people (especially United Nations Security Council nations)
 understanding about how time travel is used to prevent (retroactively) nuclear wars and nuclear explosions that blow up cities or the whole planet. So, retroactive time travel is how the UN Security council has prevented this sort of thing happening again since World War II.

It's a pretty good trick if you can actually do it!

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