Friday, May 26, 2017

Trump or "There is nothing so bad that no Good may come of it"

The Same is true of Trump.
Though Trump appears to be the worst thing that ever happened to the United States (as far as presidents go in my lifetime) there are other ways to look at this too.

Trump, to me, is the death of political correctness here in the U.S. and possibly in Europe too.


Because if you take the lies of political correctness and take them one step further you then have the absolutely blatant lies of Trump and everyone around him.

So, by seeing how dishonorable Trump and the people he surrounds himself with are you see how "OFF" political Correctness also is in contrast to the level of lies and dishonorable behavior of Trump and the people he has put in place in the Executive branch of government.

So, in this one way (even though millions are now dying or going to die from what Trump is doing worldwide both directly and indirectly) he is curing the U.S. of the wishful thinking of Political Correctness. Though the intention is good of people in what they have been trying to do with political correctness it is just so unrealistic in the end that it is sort of like telling people that they never pee or shit and to take away all bathrooms from people and force them to have it all running down their legs instead. This is how ridiculous political correctness actually is.

So, in that Trump puts LYING directly back into everyone's faces it kills political correctness once and for all by driving all people who believed in it insane from what Trump is doing every single day now.

So, out of all the bad Trump is doing he is also curing us all of political correctness by driving people who believe in political Correctness all insane temporarily.

And some will just commit suicide because they don't want to live in a world without political correctness and I understand that too.

But, here's the thing. America cannot survive much more of political correctness or we will no longer be a country let alone a democracy.


Because you cannot be that unrealistic as a country and survive in a world as hostile as this one!

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