Tuesday, May 16, 2017

When Microsoft didn't offer the patch for free they caused the 250,000 to 300,000 hits from ransomware

I wonder if any of these people or companies will sue Microsoft for not giving out the patches for free?

Because so far none of these companies or people have gotten back any data lost at all.

So, by not offering this patch for free to all their customers it could be said they are liable for all the loss of data. However, laws in different countries in regard to things like this are different wherever you are. For example, liability laws in most countries are not like the ones in this country.

The other thing is that most people cannot afford to hire attorneys as good as Microsoft would who never lose cases ever (at least 90 to 95% of the time). So, do these 300,000 computers owners have a case in court?

Not very likely that they could win.

But, is Microsoft morally liable because they charged for this patch? Of course!

But another way to look at this is the NSA is liable for not keeping this code away from online Terrorists.

But, here's the real problem.

Literally all weapons of war are eventually usually used on people somewhere. This has been historically true by the way.

(which is horrific if you think about things like Hydrogen bombs and the like.)

But, in it's own way it is equally horrific if Weapons of Cyber war get loose and end all Internet and Cell phones worldwide end temporarily or permanently eventually too.

Imagine the actual problem created by this in all households and businesses that use computers online or cell phones worldwide.

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