Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why did people vote for Trump?

Because they believed he got things done!

However, if you do your research he only DOES things for himself and his family, no one else.

Sort of like a used car salesman not telling you about the faults in what you are buying. Oh, he knows those problems are there, he just isn't going to tell you. So, instead he is going to blow smoke up your ass with all kinds of compliments and unnecessary conversation pieces.

Sort of like ALL Trump rallies where his suporters feel like he is one of them and not like most politicians.

The only problem with this is Trump is 100 times scarier in manipulating people than those regular politicians and knows how to in every instance "Dance around the law" to his each and every whim.

After all, the real estate business taught him all these years exactly what he COULD get away with like Grabbing women by the genitals and getting away with it because he knew how to manipulate the law when he did.

If a man like Trump groped you and you threatened him what would happen?

He would threaten to sue you for millions of dollars and if you are just a 20 something to 30 something just starting out in life what would you do?

That's right! You know you are going to lose or at least not win in a suit against a billionaire playing by Trump's rules.

Trump is all for Trump and his family. Anything else going on is often just smoke and mirrors.

However, here's the thing!

If he can solve the problem of North Korea once and for all it just might be worth having someone like this for president for 4 years!

20 to 30 million people and more people dying of radiation who now won't die likely would be very grateful to him if he can get Kim Jong Un and that government out of North Korea any way he can think of.

What a deal that would be!

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