Sunday, March 30, 2014

An Intuitive way of experiencing Life

At this point in life I have been an intuitive already since I was born. At first it was very difficult when I learned that everyone wasn't like me. I thought everyone could do what I did when I was 2. But by the time I was 5 I realized to my horror that I was different and realized that I needed to be more secret with my gifts because I was different.

I think what it really is is that most parents train their children "not to be intuitive" because they want to "Control" their children. And one of the ways you do that is to convince your children that they cannot perceive reality for themselves. I don't thin parents do this necessarily on purpose but because this was the way they were trained by their parents and relatives too.

So, I think people naturally are all "intuitives" and then are trained out of being that so people can better control and manipulate those children.

However, because my mother and grandmother (her mother) were both full blooded Scottish they had a more Celtic way of looking at this which is culturally more conducive to using one's intuitive gifts which I would call California Mystical Christian combined with a Celtic intuitive and Christian point of view. So, when I would talk to my grandmother or mother about seeing angels or nature spirits they wouldn't bat an eye because they saw them too because it was a part of their heritage and cultural identity. So, I was never trained out of what I experienced like most children are in the United States.

So, when I saw something I wasn't told what I would refer to as "That is not up that is down. And furthermore that is not down that is up." (which incredibly confuses children when this type of conditioning is applied and often winds up in insanity and death eventually in their teens and 20s because they no longer have confidence in their actual perceptions.

Though I still had problems I had to deal with at least I didn't have to deal with those problems too. My problems mostly had to do with surviving whooping cough and Blunt Trauma childhood epilepsy and both these illnesses greatly increased my intuitive abilities by my being forced to survive them both. I couldn't have told you this was happening at the time. I only knew I had to do whatever it took to survive both these conditions because I didn't want to die.

So now, at this point, I look around me at people often and their auras talk to me and tell me what they are experiencing today. Often I find this much more informative than talking to people because often people won't tell you the truth about what they are experiencing.

There are many reasons for lying to other people. I understand this. However, the more extreme the lie the more I will tend to not trust this person because I know something is seriously wrong there. However, I also know people often lie to others for many useful reasons as well. But, usually such a person is usually under some kind of extreme distress or has lost touch with reality entirely. So, the more lies a person tells me (I know the truth by looking at what their aura says) the more I might try to avoid this person unless I think I can help them in some way.

So, because of this people generally cannot lie to me without me knowing something is wrong. And in regard to both safety and business I find this a very useful gift.

However, there are always times when I might be "overwhelmed" by a beautiful woman that I meet and I might be in denial in regard to what "lies" she might tell me. But, this isn't the problem that it once was from about ages 15 to 25 while I was growing up. After all now I'm 65 and problems I had when young are not the problems I have now. Pretty much.

So, if you have children it is better to let them have their experience of the universe rather than to "train them out of their experience". Otherwise you may dis empower them and they won't be able to know who they are in the world and as a result as teenagers and young adults they might self destruct before they are 25 or 30.

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