Friday, March 28, 2014

Matter and Anti-matter are transitional states

I woke up this morning realizing I had to write this down for posterity.

I thought of a good analogy for explaining this to people.

If you think of the oceans of the world as "Dark Matter" (which is a very crazy name for 96% of the universe) then in this analogy Dark Matter will be the oceans of the world.

Next, anti-matter would be the water as it evaporates up into the sky and becomes clouds. So, water evaporating and becoming clouds moving over the earth would be: Anti-matter.

Last, we have matter which could be represented as precipitation in the form of condensed moisture when it turns into rain, snow, hail etc. and what it becomes on earth many feet of snow, as well as moisture on the ground, blades of grass, in the trees and plants, and forming rivulets, streams, rivers and lakes until it eventually all (or most all) travels back into the ocean or evaporates again into the sky at some point before it reaches the oceans.

But, just like here on earth 96% or so of all the stuff of the universe is in the ocean represented as dark matter.

In in this same context, galaxies might be represented as waterfalls of fresh water in space, as a form of matter that the stuff of the universe can manifest in on it's eventual way back to becoming the ocean, or what we presently call dark matter, which is the primary stuff everything actually is made of just like a human body is mostly a bag containing something quite similar to ocean water in our blood.

So, in the end life does not ultimately spring from matter or anti-matter, it springs from Dark matter which is 96% of the known universe. If it didn't ultimately spring from dark matter, it couldn't exist in matter now, in much the same way that all life on earth originally sprang from life in the ocean and then through millions of years of evolution came onto dry land and drank fresh water instead of breathing sea water. And instead of breathing sea water, we now breathe air. But, in the womb we still breathe ocean water (amniotic fluid) until we are born and breathe air for the first time.

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