Monday, March 31, 2014

The 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

I mentioned recently in one of my articles that I had no intuitive warning that the 2011 quake and tsunami that killed between 25,000 and 35,000 people in Japan was going to happen.

I mentioned in this recent article that possibly this was because this might not have been a "natural event" and theorized that someone like North Korea (because they are the only ones crazy enough to do something like this that actually have nuclear weapons) might have placed a relatively small nuclear weapon on a strategic fault line and put it deep enough that no evidence of this could be found. If someone had a nuclear weapon something like this might only cost 5 to 10 million dollars which isn't much for a country to pretend to be fishing or researching and instead placing a nuclear weapon on a fault line deep enough under the floor of the ocean that no one would suspect anything.

However, if this is what happened then the miscalculated in an extreme way because now the meltdowns at Fukushima have happened and because of this there is no way that I know to stop the plutonium radiation from one of the meltdowns that was processing old nuclear warheads into electrical power from radiating for about 25,000 years or more(that is just the half life of that type of plutonium). So, it is inevitable that all our oceans will be radiated now to a greater or lesser degree. And it isn't in the interests of the general public to tell people just how bad this is as the currents take this radiation east towards Hawaii, the United States, and Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Central and South America. From there it will also travel eventually around the tip of South America and into the Atlantic and Mediterranean Ocean. So, as time goes on all the oceans of the worlds will become more and more radioactive because of this. There is no known way to stop this because once it hit the water table the radioactive water was going to move into the ocean. Once it moves into the ocean more and more each day, more and more fish become more and more radioactive and become a threat to humans. The humans are not directly threatened by the radiation going directly into the water table because no one lives in this water table area anymore because they can't or they would die over time if they did.

So, the threat to Japanese and other people is by eating the fish or if they boiled seawater to drink it as fresh water. These two ways would affect people around the world the most. Distillation might be okay but what would happen to the radiation in the water if you did this? Also, my question might be: What happens when the ocean evaporates and turns to clouds and rain and snow? Does the radiation leave the ocean and evaporate into the sky as well? And does this contaminate drinking water and the air we breathe as well? I don't have the answer to any of this and likely this kind of information would be suppressed by nations to avoid a panic regarding this. But, unless we ask the right questions the human race might be extinct much sooner than we think.

When the earthquake occurred in 2011 I was watching TV and a Tsunami Warning came on for California. It did a lot of damage to marinas in Santa Cruz and I believe one other place. I think the figure was about 50 million dollars to repair the damage here in California from the Tsunami then. However, near Lahaina it hit:
Tsunami 2 stories deep in Lahaina,

I have had 2017 visits to this blog article at my site so far.

So, it hit Lahaina on Maui in Hawaii pretty hard.

Californians are worried lately about having another San Francisco Quake 1906 or an event like happened in Japan in 2011 because of the 5.1 in Los Angeles and where it was located was a big surprise to geologists and laymen in California and around the world as well.

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