Friday, March 28, 2014

Very Strange Day

I'm sort of relieved the Earthquake hit in Los Angeles because otherwise I thought I was going to have a stroke or something yesterday or today. This kind of thing often happens just before an earthquake for me. The larger the earthquake the worse it can be for me before it happens. I have friends who are intuitives that are sensitive in this way too. So, when the earthquake happens we are very relieved we or are families aren't dying or something.

Sometimes it is very useful in keeping yourself or others alive. Other times it is just a pain to deal with. For example, today I had a dentists appointment but didn't feel safe to drive a car and knew I shouldn't really be driving a car the way I felt. So, I called my wife on her cell phone but couldn't get her on the line. So, I decided to drive anyway to my appointment. Also, I was having trouble thinking very clearly (which also is one of the signs for me and a few friends who are intuitives) of a coming earthquake. However, I have found I can't always be 100% sure about this kind of thing.

So, tonight just after 9pm pacific Daylight time when I heard about the 5.1 earthquake in Los Angeles I was very relieved that that was what was bothering me. The only problem is the strange feeling isn't entirely gone which might either mean there will be more aftershocks or an even bigger one. It's hard to say.

Would I rather have this ability to know kind of when earthquakes are going to occur? Sometimes I find it useful and sometimes it is sort of a real pain to deal with. But, in the end if it saves your life or your friends or family's life even once then maybe it is useful as an inherited ability to have in the family that likely will be passed on down through the generations to come. Maybe it will save them and their family's too.

For those of you who might have abilities like this: This week it felt like the world didn't really exist or was fading from existence so I felt sort of uneasy about all this. I thought at the time it might be just how insecure people feel around the world because of what Putin is doing and not being able to find the Malaysian airline plane or the mud slide in Washington all of which individually and collectively are sort of horrific for people to deal with worldwide. However, I see now it was more than this and is about changes in the crust of the earth at least in California. I suppose you could include the mudslide in Washington in this as well. Anyway you look at it the crust is changing now on the west coast of California, Oregon and Washington in some way. That is for sure. The oarfish coming a shore might be a sign of further changes to come. It's hard to say for sure.

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