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Natural Disaster Warning Signs

Natural Disaster Warning Signs

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Last month, two oarfish washed up on the shores of Southern California. While these large deep water fish are rarely seen by humans because they live so far below the surface, some think their presence might actually be a warning sign of an upcoming natural disaster. A group of oarfish washed ashore in Japan shortly before the 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck the country in 2011. Some scholars believe that deep-sea fish are particularly sensitive to fault movements and so their presence near the surface suggests seismic activity down below. But the belief that animals can predict earthquakes is not new. In 373 B.C. historians recorded that animals, such as snakes and rats, abandoned the ancient Greek city of Helice before a massive earthquake struck. And in 1975, Chinese officials ordered the evacuation of a city called Haicheng after earthquake warning signs, which included hibernating snakes waking up unexpectedly. A 7.3 earthquake hit the region soon afterwards. There’s no consensus on how animals might know an earthquake is coming, but a 2011 study published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health theorizes that rocks stressed by active fault lines release various particles into the groundwater which animals – but not humans -- may be able to sense. The stressed rocks are a precursor to larger seismic activity. This theory may explain why a colony of around 100 toads abandoned its pond before an earthquake struck L’Aquila, Italy in 2009. As for the oarfish, whether or not they can sense seismic activity, they’ve already gotten lots of media attention – and in Los Angeles that’s as common a skill as predicting earthquakes.

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The natives who survived on islands as an ancient culture watched what the animals and birds did because in their ancient verbal narratives passed down through posterity it said that when animals and birds acted in a certain way there was going to be a Tsunami. This was in the 2004 Christmas time Earthquake in Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka and India etc. So, the native people got into their boats and ships and survived in this way by going at least 10 miles out into the ocean so they would feel the rise in water but not be caught in the giant walls of water hitting the land which killed al these people. So, those far enough out in boats survived and when it was over came back to land. Whereas modern people not knowing about this or not listening to what these people said all died (250,000 people approximately). So, the oarfish thing there might be something to it. Next, watch the animals and birds including your pets for strange behavior.

However, since we don't live on islands maybe a better solution would be to go inland away from faults that could crack and move in a large earthquake or tsunami. 

Also, it could just be me adjusting to the time change (3 hours) from Hawaii to California) but I sure have felt unusual since I got back from Hawaii. It has been very surrealistic in many ways. Sometimes this kind of strangeness can come before an earthquake or tsunami as well. It's hard to say for sure. However, I would be alert and watch for signs for a while until all this stuff passes.

The month before the 2004 Tsunami and Earthquake in Indonesia I worried that my whole family was going to die because I knew what was coming was epic in nature sort of like a Noah kind of event. Then the heavens drew near to earth and I was worried more that a whole lot of people were going to die because I had never seen this happen before ever. So, when I woke up Christmas Day 2004 and saw what had happened on CNN with my father in law I was relieved it hit somewhere other than California so my family was still okay and alive even as I felt sick because of everyone that had died. But, it also made sense why the heavens came so close to earth to pick up all those 250,000 people that died.

And yet, paradoxically, I had no warning at all before the Great Japan Earthquake and tsunami in 2011. So, I was very surprised I had no sense of this at all before it came. Because normally something this big I would sense for about 1 month anywhere on earth. So, it makes me think that possibly the 2011 event was caused by humans in some way rather than a natural earthquake event.

The only thing I could think of that might do this is an underground nuclear blast set purposefully on a fault line. However, whoever did it (if that is the case) miscalculated because now the whole world is much more radioactive in the oceans as a direct result and this will cause incredible genetic mutations in sea life and animal life of all kinds over the next few thousand years.

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