Friday, March 28, 2014

The World is Feeling Very insecure right now

This is likely the understatement of the last 24 years or so since the last Cold War ended. However, what Putin is about and what happened to the Malaysian flight and what happened to all those people buried alive in Washington State is hard for people here on earth to fathom. If you weren't 15 or 20 or older during the times of the 1940s to the 1990s then you really don't have any idea of just how bad the Cold War was during those times. But, if you look at what has been happening in Syria with the 9 million displaced people (both inside and outside of their country) and what is happening in Crimea, then you get a vague idea of just how bad the Cold War was for about 45 years ongoing. It made people crazy in various ways in both the eastern and western world and many couldn't handle the pressure on both sides and self destructed purposefully or died fighting in various wars that were part of the Cold War. Understanding what is happening now with Putin can best be understood in the context of the old Cold War even though in some ways everything is different now. But, not in Putin's mind and perceptions of the way things are presently.

So, if you want the background for what is happening now here are some sites that might be helpful, especially if you were under about 15 or 20 in 1990 or were born since then:

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