Sunday, March 30, 2014

Companies and Corporations have nothing at all to do with the ongoing survival of the human race

I wouldn't have necessarily thought this before today. But, it suddenly occurred to me the primary loyalty of companies and corporations is "ONLY" profit and has nothing at all to do with whether the human race survives or not. When I realized this truth I began to think about pesticide companies combined with companies like Monsanto that creates GMO (genetically modified organisms) and began to see more fully that companies like this (by their very existence and nature) tend to be only interested in profits and therefore to be counter to what the human race needs to actually not go extinct within the next 500 to 1000 years here on earth.

For corporations and companies to continue to exist they likely are going to have to prove to mankind that they are trying to keep people alive rather than making money off of their deaths. The following that I wrote I realized the truth of this. I was commenting on the following article that I was quoting in my blog.

Pesticides damage the brains of bees

It is also possible that pesticides also damage the brains of children and might be one of the causes of autism. However, even if this is true expect pesticide makers to suppress this knowledge around the world because they financially can afford to. As companies their reasons would have nothing at all to do with being unkind. It would only have to do with the financial liability that would incur if the human race went extinct without bees.

So, this is my premise: What if laws cause the extinction of the human race in regard to companies and corporations around the world?

Companies now have the same legal rights as an individual. Do they deserve these rights if they cause the extinction of the human race by exercising those rights?

The Great Recession proved to all mankind that corporations (especially banking institutions) have no penalties meaningful to them no matter what they do outside of bankruptcy that permanently ends that company or corporation. And even then the people (investors) or board members of that now dissolved corporation or company can simply join or create another like minded company that works against the survival of the human race ongoing. It may not be the object of the company to exterminate the human race. But often, if profit is the only motive on the minds of board members, CEOs and investors, the result is many deaths leading to the extinction of the human race in fact rather than in theory.

So, the biggest threat to mankind ongoing might not be global warming or nuclear holocaust but actually companies whose only goal is profit without considering how that kills off or extincts the human race.

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