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Leading Saudis look forward to Obama visit

Why the Saudis are angry about American policies

Haaretz - ‎2 hours ago‎
U.S. President Barack Obama's state visit to the kingdom on Friday will be dominated by strong talks about other Mideast countries, primarily Iran and Syria.
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Leading Saudis look forward to Obama visit
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Leading Saudis look forward to Obama visit

Leading Saudis look forward to Obama visit

Published — Friday 28 March 2014
Last update 28 March 2014 3:35 am
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Several leading Saudi businessmen and government officials have high hopes that US President Barack Obama's visit would strengthen political ties, expand trade between the two countries and introduce measures to resolve crises in the region.
Shoura Council member Fayez Al-Shehri told Arab News that he hopes Obama understands the situation in the Middle East. “We anticipate that the visiting president would take suitable measures to maintain peace and justice in the region,” he said.
Al-Shehri said the United States has not been serious over the past three years about resolving issues in the region. This attitude has aggravated crises in Libya, Egypt and Syria, he said.
Ibrahim Al-Qayid, executive member of the National Society for Human Rights, said Obama's visit comes at a time when certain regional issues have to be resolved.
“Saudi Arabia is a leading power in the region and President Obama's visit would ensure the world community has renewed hopes for peace, security and prosperity in the region with the full support of the United States.”
He said America should support the opposition in Syria to fight against the regime in Damascus. The US should also use its influence to bring about democratic changes in certain countries, he said.
Fuad Al-Bogari, a member of the Saudi-US Business Council, said the Kingdom was happy to host the president. “The relationship between the two countries dates back to the meeting in 1945 between King Abdul Aziz and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the USS Quincy in the Suez Canal.”
He said the Kingdom harnessed American technology to develop its oil resources in the Kingdom. “We expect the visit to strengthen political and economic bilateral relations.”
He said that Saudi Arabia, because of its leading role in the Middle East, is concerned about the progress and prosperity of Muslim countries. He said Syria and Palestine remain major concerns for the Kingdom.
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Leading Saudis look forward to Obama visit

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