Monday, March 31, 2014

Can a person go to a secular college and come out still believing in God?

Maybe. It greatly depends upon the person. However, I think people who are strong enough actually are helped by this experience. Some kids might just be driven to suicide if they came from very Christian communities, however, if they haven't been exposed to the rest of the world much which tends to be mostly agnostic (at least in public).

It all depends upon what one is trying to do in one's life. Even when I was around 40 or so and returned to UCSC in Santa Cruz I found myself competing with Class presidents, Valedictorians of their high school classes that had been 4.0s or 4.2s or 4.whatevers since they were 10 or 12 years old and I found this very difficult because UCSC is a very academic School and most people who go there eventually also get Master's degrees or Doctorates too. So, the competition was very fierce for grades and I found myself at times losing my intuitive center which even at 40 I didn't think was a good thing. So, each person has to do whatever is best for them.

I like to compare a college education to a hammer. You can take that hammer and build yourself a house (I have done this more than once) or you can take that hammer and hit yourself in the head and die (or you can miss the nail and smash your other hand's fingers that is holding the nail). So, it all depends what you do with your education.

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