Friday, March 28, 2014

Coming Home from Hawaii

The last couple of days we were in Hawaii I noticed my older daughter and my wife sort of get teary eyed because they didn't want to go home because we all were having such a great time there. I didn't really feel this way at the time since I'm retired because in some ways it is the same wherever I go. So, I was happy to be in Hawaii and in some ways almost equally happy to go home. Also, because I do spiritual practices there is an evenness in my life that many people don't have. There is a kind of stability.

However, a couple of days after I returned home to  Northern California on the mainland I started to feel kind of depressed. I realized fully then that my youngest daughter is graduating High School in a couple of months and moving on into college (which is a very big change for parents) and that my wife is going to have in June likely a knee replacement surgery which is going to change my wife's life, my life and my youngest daughter's life a lot. No longer do I have going to Hawaii for 10 days to look forward to and instead I have a lot of unknown things to look forward to which I found kind of depressing to deal with.

However, it is now a couple of days after that and I have grown more used to preparing for all those things and the rain has passed and the barometer isn't dropping and making everyone feel strange anymore so an evenness has returned to my life back on the mainland once again.

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