Saturday, March 29, 2014

La Habra and 5.1 Earthquake

If you look up towards the top of this map you will see La Habra which is the epicenter of the 5.1 earthquake on this Orange County California map. I was surprised that Orange County includes Seal Beach all the way to San Clemente. I used to surf at Huntington Beach from 1962 to 1969 sometimes. Also, this means that Anaheim where the original Disneyland was built and still is is in the yellow segment just beneath La Habra and Fullerton there in Anaheim as well. the last 4.1 large aftershock (one of hundreds so far) was in Rowland Heights which might be just above this map in another county.

This is often what a non-retrofitted older home often looks like after an earthquake above about a 6.5. Another thing they tend to do is to throw buildings off their foundations as well so now it is required to bolt your structure to your cement foundations so this doesn't happen with newer homes and buildings. This happened in 1994 in the Northridge, California quake.  The Northridge quake was a 6.7 and caused 25 billion dollars in damage.

Earthquake safety at home
A Fillmore house shows the damage from the Jan. 17, 1994, Northridge quake. (Los Angeles Times / July 13, 1994)

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