Sunday, March 30, 2014

California already generates 17% of it's energy from Renewables

The narrative differs depending upon where you live. The Solutions Project has a plan for California, where 95 percent of our electricity would be generated by renewables by 2050. In the most recent California energy estimates renewables generated 17 percent of our electricity (in-state -- we import some energy). Today, more than 60 percent is developed using natural gas.
Fortunately, California state policy is behind our transition to renewables: by 2020, California plans to generate 33 percent of its electricity from wind, water and solar. Recently, Pacific Gas & Electric, the second largest California public utility, announced that it has "delivered 22.5 percent of its power from eligible renewable resources in 2013 and is on track to meet the state's clean energy goals for 2020 and beyond."
California's problem is that it isn't moving aggressively enough. If our natural gas consumption peaks 10 years from now, that suggests that by 2030 more than 50 percent of our electricity should be generated by renewables. (For example, we'd close our one nuclear facility, at Diablo Canyon, which produces about 9 percent of our electricity.)

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Accelerating Use of Renewable Energy

Before reading this I had thought that Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant had never opened because the pipes had been installed backwards in cement there. So, they must be running those pipes backwards or something.

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