Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Of course this has to be conjecture but I was thinking today that the rings of Saturn and Jupiter and Neptune might have all been caused by the thermonuclear blow up of the Planet that became the asteroid belt. The Soviets Sent up a Probe in the 1970s and it scientifically found out that the Asteroid belt had been a planet blown up by a thermonuclear explosion or thermonuclear war. This information was suppressed by the Christian Churches and Muslim Churches and also likely by Hindus as well around the world (as well as anyone else that didn't want this information widely known for any reason). So, only in the Soviet Union (which was avowedly atheistic as a nation at that time) did the intelligentsia of the Soviet Union fully take this fact in. It also helped lead to the end of the Soviet Union by scientists there realizing that a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia would destroy planet earth and turn it into an asteroid belt too. It also led to the notion that we might here on earth be related somehow to the survivors of that explosion from that planet and from Mars that likely had most of it's atmosphere blown off when the asteroid belt planet blew up.

However, my thought today was that the rings of this new Asteroid as well as the rings of Saturn and Jupiter and Neptune could have been the result of the dust from the blow up and disintegration of the Asteroid belt planet.

So, imagine a planet blowing up and  pieces of it becoming asteroids as well as a whole lot of fast moving dust particles and rocks of almost every size and globules of water because the Asteroid belt likely was a water planet like the earth and Mars. Then imagine some of the water globules in space freezing and becoming Comets? and the asteroids sometimes hitting each other and planets like earth.

So, for me, the most likely time when the asteroid planet blew up was within 5 years after the asteroid hit the gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago and within a couple of years every big dinosaur that couldn't hide underground, in a cave or in the ocean died from all the problems of being that big and living out in the open after a "nuclear winter" of several years.

However, the smaller pieces of rock and dust often might hit  planets and burn up coming into earth's atmosphere or land on the moon when caught by it's gravity or the gravity of other planets or even the sun itself. But, smaller pieces (dust size to rock size the size of one's fist or so might be caught by the gravity of planets but stay orbiting the planets in a form sort of like the rings of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune and now this Asteroid. This was one of my thoughts today.

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