Sunday, March 30, 2014


My father used to say to me, "If you want to be alive and happy a long time always take good care of your teeth and your feet. Without your teeth you look terrible and can't eat properly. Without your feet working right you can't walk and all sort of other problems can arise from feet problems as well."

Recently, (in the last 6 months) I learned that getting your teeth cleaned and using a water pick can greatly increase your heart health, especially after 40 or 50 but also before. The reason they gave me for this is minor infections take place often between teeth when people don't get out food particles. In Anthropology of humans the Lucy skeleton and skull showed she died from an abscessed tooth. And I remember someone here in the U.S. (a young man I believe) also died from an abscessed tooth that wasn't a necessary death at all if someone had been paying attention and saw a dentist to remove the abscess in time.

Lately, the latest thing I have learned is regarding gold caps and crowns on one's teeth. Though they are still put on sometimes, what dentists have learned is that over time metal on your teeth changes size with temperature to some degree as you eat hot or cold things. This allows cavities and cracks to form on the remaining tooth below and weakens what is left of the tooth and can cause problems eventually for the nerve of the tooth. So, gold or any metal isn't necessarily the best thing to put in or on your permanent teeth if you want them to last into old age.

I have had several gold crowns on molars that I have had since the 1960s and early 1970s when gold was only 32 dollars an ounce. Then about 1975 it jumped to 300 to 600 dollars an ounce and now is about 1200 dollars an ounce.

So, because I'm starting to get cracks and cavities under old gold fillings and crowns they are being removed and replaced with amalgams that look exactly like real teeth instead.

Also, when I was in High School because I had silver, gold and platinum in various teeth I could get through bone conduction a local radio station and listen to it when I wanted to during class through bone conduction as my mouth and jaw and bones became a crystal set. But, I didn't like it when I was talking which sounded like turning the knob through many radio stations at once. That was annoying. Also, I had to hold my jaw in one certain way to receive the station through bone conduction if I was bored in my High School Classes.

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