Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Radiation Sickness sets in at 1,000 millisieverts

Japanese officals said that, early Wednesday, the level of radiation at the plant surged to 1,000 millisieverts before coming down to 800 to 600 millisieverts. Still, that was far more than the average.
Doctors say radiation sickness sets in at 1,000 millisieverts and includes nausea and vomiting.
Damage to blood cells can show up two to four weeks later, said Dr. Fred Mettler, a University of New Mexico radiologist and adviser to the United Nations on radiation safety. He led an international study of health effects after the Chernobyl disaster.
Levels are still likely to be lower away from the plant, said Kelly Classic, a radiation physicist at the Mayo Clinic and a representative for the Health Physics Society, an organization of radiation safety specialists.
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says doses of less than 100 millisieverts, or 10 rems, over a year are not a health concern. end quote from below internet address.


Since there are no workers presently at the Fukushima Nuclear plant basically anything goes there. I was looking at the wikipedia site for Chernobyl and found that a single reactor had Melted down. But then I looked at the Fukushima site in Japan and so far we have 3 to 4 reactors all together in various stages of either partial meltdown, near partial meltdown or worse. Then we have reactor number 3 which is reprocessing nuclear weapons grade fuel. No one has been able to tell me to my satisfaction if nuclear weapons grade fuel is more likely to create an atomic bomb like effect. So, it's difficult to say.

However, I presently believe that this situation is now much more potentially dangerous on multiple levels than Chernobyl was.
1. Chernobyl was not on the ocean(or presently in the ocean like Fukushima after the Tsunami)
2. Chernobyl did not have multiple reactors or multiple reactor problems.
3. Chernobyl was not on an island. i.e. (The people had somewhere else to escape it)
4. Chernobyl was not near high concentrations of population to the degree of Fukushima
5. Though Chernobyl did not have a containment vessel we are presently dealing with completely new problems than Chernobyl.
6. There are basically hundreds of unknowns. i.e. (There are presently hundreds of really basic questions that no one has an answer to.

First question:
1. How potentially dangerous is what the Japanese people are dealing with right now?
2. Is it even safe for anyone to be within 100 miles of Fukushima (Right Now) without endangering their lives?
3. Is it safe to eat Anything from the land or sea including animals, birds and fish from within 100 miles of Fukushima.
4. Should you send your wives and children out of the country if you live in Japan?
5. If there are continuing rolling blackouts, is it possible for any large business in Japan to presently operate.
6. Without income from what Japan sells to the world how can Japan sustain itself financially?
7. Can the world trust that all food, and other products will be free of all radiation or will people need to buy radiation detecting devices before buying internationally all Japanese Goods?

All these questions are important ones for everyone on earth, especially Japanese to consider. But unless those who are still alive in Japan are saved and kept alive none of the above questions really mean anything.

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Anonymous said...

Well is a deep subject i can remember in the 60's sayin that Nuclear is gonna make the life cheaper!?!.To clean a reactor and all the dejection it will cost the world 1,000,000,000,000,000 where do we get this amount of cash! And here go the Americans why not send prisonmates to clean up . They and we need to put these children who play with bombs and radioactivity out of business . Adults are just as responsable for their actions!Now we have to go and get some sand and dump it in the holes of hell they created thes irresponsable idiots just to get more money! ALL THE REST OF OUR LIVES ON EARTH SHOULD BE FREE FROM NOW ON!!! Shame on this World Afterall money does'nt make our World when we won'tt ever have anything with all these disasters!!!