Friday, May 30, 2014

$4.09 for Regular a Gallon?

Here is the best way to explain this. The Olympics happen and the U.S. goes to Russia for the first time in my memory.
2nd: the leader of Ukraine leaves (who is a Russian Puppet) because the people threaten to kill him with ancient traditional axes.
3rd: this is unacceptable to Putin and so he invades Crimea to keep the port.
4th: the U.S. threatens sanctions if he doesn't give Crimea back
5th: He invades Eastern Ukraine with KGB type masked personnel with masks and AK-47s.
6th: The U.S. imposes economic sanctions
7th: the EU joins the U.S. in imposing economic sanctions on Russia
8th: Russia retaliates with its own measures
9th: Russia makes a natural gas pipeline deal with China
10th: EU and Russian relationships aren't good
11th. Sanctions bite deep into Russians and Europeans and Americans and others
12th:Oil isn't being shipped to Europe at good prices
13th more oil is being bought by Europe from the U.S.
14th: this causes U.S. gasoline prices to rise
15th: today I paid $4.09 for regular to fill up my truck to the tune of about $70.00
16th: People who have to choose between food and buying gas to go to work in the U.S.
either go to work and don't eat or don't work or change to a bus or train or bicycle.
17th: some people in the U.S. and Russia and other parts of the world can no longer afford to eat.

But, this is what the Cold War was like on a Good day. So, what is this?

Likely where I live we might see $5 a gallon for gasoline some time this summer again and at really expensive gas stations people are likely paying that right now for premium.

This might be whatever you want to call it. Maybe "The beginning of a world wide war or Great Depression or both" or just a new normal or a new chaos.

By the way this was at the cheapest station within about 5 to 10 miles of where I live. So, this isn't a median price for regular this is a cheap price for regular gasoline here on the northern California coast. Oh. If I paid cash(no atm or credit card) I could have got it for 6 cents less a gallon at this station.

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