Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fargo May 28th

Just when you think Fargo on FX can't get any crazier it gets crazier. However, often in small towns the craziest of things happen when they do. They reason for this is nothing much ever happens in small towns and people who live there get used to nothing happening at all ever. They like it this way because they don't like too much excitement. However, people really mentally and emotionally fragile because of this tend to live in really small towns. So, it doesn't take much to drive them over the edge like Lester (Martin Freeman) in this movie. You watch him after he meets Lorne Malvo in the hospital slowly change from a "normal human being" to what he always was capable of becoming, a sociopath. Lorne (Billy Bob Thornton) senses this fellow Sociopath in Lester and snaps Lester into what he always was potentially (a sociopath at core). Meeting Lorne Malvo turns Lester into the Sociopathic psychopath I think he always was but never met anyone like himself before. Lorne pushes Lester slowly over the edge just by his presence into a really crazy MF. However, this is why this is such a black comedy drama. It reminds me a lot of Breaking Bad in this way.

However, I could only watch 6 episodes of "Breaking Bad" before I realized this wasn't good for me to watch anymore because it was just too corrupting. I haven't got there yet with Fargo. Fargo is more tame comparatively. The lady cop reminds me of so many midwesterners including a girl I almost married once from the midwest the way she approaches reality in such a completely naive way. She doesn't physically remind me of her at all just psychologically.

You have to go to the Midwest these days to find someone like her because they aren't usually like this in California anymore. Ever.

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