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Saint Germain

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Saint Germain

My wife just reminded me that most of the world knows nothing about Saint Germain so I decided to give a brief explanation. The Enlightened and now Ascended Master Saint Germain is thought to have ascended like Jesus in the year 1684 AD somewhere in Europe and very likely in England where he was born as Francis Bacon, the illegitamate son of Queen Elizabeth I of England and who later served as the Lord Exchecheur of London. He was also known as the Compte De Saint Germain in France and England and as Prince Ragocy of Transylvania. Some people believe that before he became ascended that the legends of Vlad the Impaler of Transylvania who was the historic Count Dracula, and the miracle worker, Prince Ragocy of Transylvania became intertwined into the same legend to become the perverted as the present pulp science fiction story of Count Dracula that we see in movies since Bela Lugosi in the 1930's in the United States.
However, although Prince Ragocy of Transylvania, Francis Bacon of London, and the Compte De Saint Germain of France were likely all the same person no one has proof that I know of. In addition to this the Compte De Saint Germain frequented all the courts of Europe and especially that of Louis the 16th and Queen Marie Antonette of France. He spoke, it is said as if he were there at ancient battles thousands of years before and spoke intimately of knowing people from divergent cultures and spoke almost all languages fluently like a native born to the language and without any accent even dead languages and played like a virtuoso on the violyn. I have one of the books of music found by Manly P. Hall and published by his still existent Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles? It was/is? at 3910 Los Feliz Boulevard Los Angeles, California in the early 1980's when I purchased it. This music is called "The Music of the Compte De Saint Germain". There is also a painting of the Comte. De Saint Germain by the artist Thomas in the Louvre in France. I would like to quote from "Notes on the music of ST. Germain" from inside the published music folio from the Philosophical research society there is no page number other than the fact that I purchased the 266th of 1000 copies on the previous page. begin quote
"The mysterious Comte de St.-Germain is frequently mentioned by memoir writers of the eighteenth century, usually with the highest expression of wonder and admiration. He travelled in elite circles being the confidant of kings, emperors, princes, statesmen, titled ladies, scientists, scholars, and artists. He was always recognized as an aristocrat and nobleman, lived in the best of style, and enjoyed unlimited credit in the banks of Europe. The actual circumstances of St. -Germain's origins are uncertain, and the details of his personal life are shrouded in the deepest obscurity. Perhaps the most comprehensive statement describing the Comte de St. -Germain is contained in a letter dated April 15, 1758, written by Voltaire to the Emporer Frederick of Prussia. "He is a man who never dies and knows everything."
continued quote: "This mysterious gentleman spoke many languages-- including Oriental dialects without an accent, was a brilliant chemist, and artist of rare talents, a diplomat of distinction, and a competent musician. E.M. Oetinger in his work "Graf ST-Germain, Leipzig, 1846 writes "Just as great and worthy of admiration was the musical genius of the Comte. He played almost all instruments, but above all the violin with such consummate mastery that one believed oneself to be listening to a second Maestro Tartini---his first instruction in music he claimed to have enjoyed about 700 years ago from a Benedictine monk, an abbot of Avellana, by the famous master Guido Arezzo, and as concerns church music, claimed to have been educated five centuries later under Palestrina."
quote continued:"According to Madame Blavatsky he was compared to Paganini by those who had heard both. It was also reported of St. -Germain that he sometimes played behind a screen producing the effect of half a dozen instruments sounding at once." end quote
This introduction to the Comte de Saint Germain's music was compiled by Manly P. Hall and I shared only about 1/4 of it. The music introduction says, "The Favorite Songs from the Opera Called the L'Incostanza Delusa to which is added Six Sonatas for Two Violins with a Bass For the Harpsicord on Violincello."
Happily, I just found my copy of the Comte De Saint Germain published by I. Cooper Oakley in 1912 in Milano by "ARS REGIA" CAsa Editrice Del Dott. G. Sulli-Rao. She also published "Traces of a Hidden Tradition in Masonry and Mediaeval Mysticism" which sold for 5 pounds sterling in England and "Mystical Traditions" also for 5 pounds and in french "Traditions Mystiques" traduction francaise for 4 pounds
It appears Cooper Oakley visited famous public as well as private libraries and collections of descendants of those who knew the Comte De Saint Germain to do factual research for her book.
As a part of the introduction from Annie Besant who was then President of the Theosophical Society begins the quote as follow begin quote from Forward---- The Great Occultist and Brother of the White Lodge, fragments of whose life are herein given was the greatest force behind the intellectual reforming movement which received its death blow in the outbreak of the French Revolution. Phoenix-like, it has re-arisen, and it re-appeared in the 19th century as the Theosophical Society, of which this great Brother is one of the recognized Leaders. Still living in the same body the perennial youth of which astonished the observers of the 18th century, He has fulfilled the prophecy made to Madame D'Adhemar that He would show Himself again a century after His farewell to her, and in the growing spritual movement whcih is seen around us on every side, He will be one of the acknowledged Chiefs. Profoundly interesting, therefore, must be every detail that can be gathered of His eighteenth century life, and much is bathered here. London 1911. Annie Besant President of the Theosophical Society.
Chapter 1 of the same book begins on page 11 at the bottom of the page is a quote from Madame Blavatsky "The Comte De St. Germain was certainly the greatest Oriental Adept Europe has seen during the last centuries. quoted from the Thosophical Glossary, H.P. Blavatsky.
Printed in foldout form is a copy of a letter from the Comte De St. Germain written November 22nd 1735 that is in the British Museum. Since it is in French longhand I find it difficult to read even though I am conversant in French, my friends tell me without an accent.
Beginning on page 12 begin quote "Among the strange mysterious beings, with which the eighteenth century was so richly dowered, no one has commanded more universal coment and attention thatn the mystic who was known by the name of the Comte De Saint Germain. A hero of romance; a charlatan; a swindler and an adventurer; rich and varied were the names that showered freely upon him. Hated by the many, loved and reverenced by the few, time has not yet lifted the veil which screened his true mission from vulgar speculators of the period. Then as now, the occultist was dubbed charlatan by the ignorant; only some men and women here and there realised the power of which he stood possessed. The friend and councilor of kings and princes, an enemy to ministers who were skilled in deception, he brought his great knowledge to help the west, to stave off in some small measure the storm clouds that were gathering so thickly around some nations. Alas! his words of warning fell on deafened ears, and his advice went all unheaded.
Looking back from this distance of time it will be of interest to many students of mysticism to trace the life, so far as it may yet be told, of this great Occultist. Sketches are to be found here and there from various writers, mostly antagonistic, but no coherent detailed account of his life has yet appeared. This is very largely owing to the fact that the most interesting and important work, done by M. De St. Germain, lies buried in the secret archives of many princely and noble families. With this fact we have become acquainted duing the careful investigations which we have been making on the subject. Where the archives are situated we have also learned, but we have not yet in all cases received permission to make the necessary researches.end quote
Later on page 20 we find Cooper-Oakley believing from research that the Comte de Saint Germain is actually Franz-Leopol, Prince Ragoczy, of Transylvania. She later quotes on the bottom of page 20 and 21 from Prince Karl of Hesse Memoires de Mon Temps P. 133 Copenhagen, 1861. Writing of Monsiour de St. Germain: "Some curiosity may be felt as to his history;I will trace it with the utmost truthfulness, according to his own words, adding any necessary explanations. He told me that he was 88 years old when he came here, and that he was the son of the Prince Ragoczy of Transylvania by his first wife, a Tekeli. He was placed when quite young, under the care of the last Duc de Medici (Gian Gastone), who made him sleep while still a child in his own room. When M. de St. Germain learned that his two brothers, sons of the Princess of Hesse-Wahnfried(Rheifels) had become subject to the Emperor Charles VI., and had received the titles and names of St. Karl and St. Elizabeth, he said to himself:'Very well, I will call myself Santus Germano, the Holy Brother.' I cannot in truth guarantee his birth, but that he was tremendously protected by the Duc de Medici I have learnt from another source." end quote. Some other information is available at www.alchemylab.com/count_saint_germain.htm --- I have no affiliation with this site but it looked interesting.
Also, I just found two other websites connected to an organization I had affiliation from my birth until age 21(from 1948 until 1969). They are www.saintgermainfoundation.org and saintgermainpress.com --- The first is connected to Shasta Springs located in between Dunsmuir and the city of Mt. Shasta in northern California, USA and the second is where you can locate publications mostly channeled by Mr. Ballard between 1930 and 1939 and Mrs. Ballard until the early 1970's. end of my introduction to Saint Germain and beginning of my Personal experiences with Saint Germain
My own personal knowledge of the Ascended Master Saint Germain was attained while I was a baby and child growing up. However, now as a man of 56 I see Jesus and Saint Germain as my spiritual fathers of this lifetime. I prefer Saint Germain in some respects because being psychicly gifted I find that every church has its own astral Jesus attached to that church. None of these Jesus' are the actual Jesus of Nazereth but are created by the beliefs of the ministers and the people attached to that church. Many people need this kind of security. However, I experience this as many false Jesus'. However, I know that as Jesus said, "In my father's house are many mansions." Because of this I also respect all churches to be what they are and to help those who can be helped in that way. Also, I have met a High Tibetan Lama who once told me that he knew of someone who had become completetly enlightened meditating on a dogs tooth because he believed it was one of the teeth of the Buddha. Because I have heard of thousands of peoples lives affected in this way through faith both Christian and Buddhist and others I deeply respect that, "The Lord moves in mysterious ways."
The first instance I know of the Comte de Saint Germain in America is an episode where he was at the signing of the Declaration of Independance. Many of the signers spoke of how they were afraid of dying of losing everything including their families when the Comte stood up and spoke. He said something like, "Sign this document even if you lose everything including your lives. The whole human race in the future will succeed because you have signed this document whether you all live through this or not." This was all paraphased of course. John Hancock was the most moved and ran up and signed boldly followed by all the others. When they looked for the Comte to thank him he had disapeared. It is doubtful if any of the signers knew the man to be the Comte de St. Germain.
Later he tried first with Louis the 16th and then later Napolean to create the United States of Europe as well but both men failed him in this. Both men let women turn their heads in an unguarded moment and they and France were temporarily lost. Finally, today the Comte's dream is fulfilled in the present European Union. I wonder what name the Comte de Saint Germain is using now?
In some ways I was very pleased in reading" the Da Vinci Code" and also seeing the movie "National Treasure" as both trace some of the history of the Masons and the Rosicrusians and the Knights Templar all of which the soul of Saint Germain is supposed to have founded throughout several of his recent lifetimes. However, it is generally accepted that he is still wearing the body of Francis Bacon which he raised in 1684. Though the movie, National Treasure, is likely all fictional, still it is based upon a lot of the ideas of the Masons, Knights Templar and many Rosicrucians etc.
The most interesting public place in regard to all this that I know of in the US is the Rosicrucian museum in San Jose, California. It has real egyptian mummies and all sorts of arcane and interesting stuff for the public to see. Though I haven't been there in at least 15 years I just found the websites for the museum and the rosicrucian organization in San Jose, California the museum is egyptianmuseum.org and the rosicrucian organization is at rosicrucian.org --- I have not afiliation with either but I have visited the museum several times in san jose, the last being about 15 years ago.
The story of Saint Germain's Ascension as I have heard it from an "I AM" interpretation goes like this. Saint Germain's primary teacher along with Jesus is sometimes called The Great Divine Director or Lord Maha Chohan or the Lord of the Chohans. The Chohans are Saint Germain, Morya El or El Morya to some, Dwal Khul and four others. I believe that Jesus is one of the seven Chohans. The Chohans are seven in number and are masters on earth of seven different qualities. There are seven different Arcangels to match these seven Chohans. The Chohans are representing mankind and help guide and protect mankind whereas the Arcangels protect souls coming into bodies and being born, while in bodies and while leaving bodies and transiting to heaven realms etc. They have many other jobs as well. However, this is the job I know the most about now from many many personal experiences in this life and thousands of others.
One of the Comte de St. Germain's last initiations was to sit on a battlefield while everyone was being killed and dying around him and to remain centered and prevent any harm to himself while not interfering with the battle in any way. This was one of his final tests before he ascended like Jesus never to die again.
Anyway, the story goes that one day The Great Divine Director appeared to the Comte De Saint Germain (Francis Bacon) and told him he had become completely enlightened. Saint Germain was completely amazed. The Great Divine Director said something like: "Saint Germain you will never die again!" Saint Germain said something like, "May I stay on earth to help the children of earth create a heaven on earth?" The Great Divine Director said, "Yes!" Obviously I am paraphrazing as I have no text before me. These are simply the stories about Saint Germain told to me in the "I AM" teachings as I grew up.
So Saint Germain is still alive walking around in a body(whenever he wants to) to help the children of earth create a heaven on earth now and in the future. My theory is that when earth becomes a heaven it will become a star in the sky for by then we will all become pure energy forms.
My personal history in regard to Saint Germain
As I was slowly waking up this morning I looked over at a picture of Saint Germain that has been in my family over 50 years. I had placed it over an oval mirror about 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall to remind me of the radiant form that Saint Germain appeared to me on Easter weekend 1973. My experience of this would be to say that he became me and remained me on that occasion. Though this might not make sense to you it was my real and personal experience. I am witnessing this to you to bless your lives with the darshan or (blessing) of this experience. As he wishes me to share it now I will begin with it even though I was probably imbued with his presence along with Jesus while I was still in the womb. In 1973 I was 25. The precious years from age 21 had been very eventful but also very difficult. My initiations into the powerful and precious esoteric world of Saint Germain and Jesus had been overwhelming to the point where I almost had not physically survived on numerous occasions.
I was going to sleep when a very powerful energy that terrified me much like when I was a boy came into my bedroom. At first I thought I couldn't overcome the energy with my own spritual strength. Suddenly, I snapped into a deeper awareness and a voice I trusted (probably an angel) said something like "Take the energy and make it your own". So I did that because I had had a lot of experience requalifying powerful energies even though it can be quite intimidating at times. Anyway, on this occasion at first I became power mad from the incredible rush of energy under my control. It was like being on a motorcycle full throttle straight up into the sky when the same voice said, "Turn this energy into the violet flame." I immediately saw the wisdom of this and requalified the energy into powerful violet purifying flame that filled my whole bedroom. (Violet purifying or consuming flame burns off bad karma). So I basked in this sacred purifying flame for what seemed to be an hour or more. It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced while wearing my human body with my soul since I was born. I had experienced the violet flame before since I was a child but not so visibly and not so intense or for such a long time at one sitting.
At that time in 1973 I had a poster on my bedroom wall of the sun rising over a mountain so the sun and the peak of the mountain perfectly intersected. From that perfect intersection of mountaintop and sun a violet spark brighter than all the living violet sacred flames surrounding me and through me came toward me while getting brighter and brighter and bigger and bigger until it was over my chest as I was lying on my bed watching it. At this point I saw it was a living Saint Germain looking out at me from another dimension within an oval of violet light. It was such an overwhelmingly powerful experience that I fainted and lost consciousness. When I awoke I was aware that my mind and brain had been reprogrammed to be the identical consciousness of Saint Germain. I knew my life would be very different than it had been before. It was like when an electromagnet makes a nail magnetic when exposed to the electromagnetic field. I had been made a Saint Germain Electromagnet in this sense. My life has been very amazing since this experience.
To KNOW Saint Germain is to be ONE with Saint Germain
April 30th 2008
Two days ago I turned 60. I believe this dream occurred sometime last week in honor of this change. I was headed back to my body in my dream. I had been with about 100 people that were like friends or close relatives. As I turned to say farewell until we meet again as I went to enter my body to waken all the faces of the men and women had turned to the bearded face of Saint Germain.
As I woke up then from this dream I wondered what it meant. At first I thought that Saint Germain was telling me I should see all people as Saint Germain to move them quickly toward enlightenment and Ascension. This I still believe to be true.
However tonight I realized Saint Germain also wanted me to tell all of you who KNOW Saint Germain like I do that 'To know Saint Germain is to Be HIM'
Or as he would personally say to you, "To know me is to love me!"
To begin to know Saint Germain I myself would start with the Scientific Method. Since St. Germain was Francis Bacon, father of the scientific method this might be a good place to start. So starting with enlightened method, we next move toward unconditional compassion towards all life in the universe. This second step opens unimaginable infinite doorways to everywhere everywhen. Next, as one becomes more and more fused in oneness with Saint Germain as ones Guru and with ones ParamGuru as Jesus absolutely anything good becomes possible.
If you are still young(under 40) you likely still have a lot of time to move forward on this path. If you are over 40 visualize Saint Germain's spiritual body perfectly interfacing with your own while lying on your bed before you go to sleep at night so that he might take you to the etheric realms and teach you all you need to know to help both yourself and all life in the universe to permanent Bliss and the permanent ending of all suffering of all beings everywhere.
For Saint Germain, like Jesus, is nearer than breathing and closer than hands and feet. Both meditations used as prayers let one KNOW Saint Germain. Both can be useful at any age.
My Childhood
I was born in Seattle, Washington (in the northwest corner of Old Oregon Territory of the last century). I was the largest baby ever born at that hospital at 24 inches long. My parents in their church were called "I am" Students. And so from childhood on I was indoctrinated into their beliefs of Jesus and Saint Germain and reincarnation and helpful beings from other planets and of a Lady Master named Leto that eventually taught me to soul travel.
Because it was the 1950's in Seattle and then in Southern California after I was 4 years old beliefs like these were not only not the norm one had to be careful even speaking about these beliefs much like the Rosicrucians and Masons had learned to be secretive in order to survive. So I learned very early not to speak of my beliefs to strangers or schoolchildren who I didn't intimately trust with my life. Even then I would tell these children that my beliefs were a lot like Christian Science as most people were familiar with that belief system. My father wore a masonic ring at church along with his wedding ring. It was a blue sapphire with a diamond set in the middle. Sometimes I have worn it since and Masons have asked me about it.
I played in the pageant of the life of Christ as a child and young adult that is still held in Mt. Shasta California usually every August. But by age 21 Saint Germain had separated me from my parents church because I had outgrown it. At the time it was very traumatic for me because I had friends from all over the world. Since I was excommunicated from the church I lost most of all these friends who remained loyal to the churches strict rules. I had become upset with the hypocricy within my church and all churches. This disturbed the church leadership and I was asked to leave.
However, my experience with Saint Germain, Jesus, the angels and all the Saints and Masters I found to be a personal experience and all churches to be more about social conventions than anything else. So like many of my generation I stopped trusting all churches because of getting so badly burned. I stopped being religious in that religious implies "attending church" and stayed spiritual in that I decided to live my beliefs 24 hours a day and not just on sunday. Though this can be a very difficult and lonely path this appeared to be the path that someone like myself that does research for God and his people lives. In this I became a scientist for God and all his people in the universe and therefore unlimited by the burden or false security of any organized religion. I became completely free to see the real truth, "God is where you find him!" and not only that "God is where you find him,her, it, whatever!"
Meeting Saint Germain
I would like to digress back into my childood at this point to share my meetings with Saint Germain. In my childhood I was forced to spend a lot of time in church mostly against my will. My parents were in charge of the Los Angeles "I am" Sanctuary from the year 1954 until 1960. I was 6 to 12 years old during this same time. So I didn't see my parents a whole lot during this time as my Dad worked all day during the week and then he and mom were at church Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights and Sunday Daytime and somestimes Tuesdays and Saturday mornings and Mom was also at the church during the day monday through friday. So I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother and my friends from school.
By the time I was 5 years old the books "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence" both by the pen name Godfre Ray King but really by Guy W. Ballard.I believe these are still available from the Saint Germain Press. It was located in Santa Fe, New Mexico when I was 17 but now it might be in Chicago or even Mt. Shasta or Dunsmuir, California. I enjoyed the these books and as an adult met one of the ladies in the books named Pearl and was a student of hers in Mt. Shasta,California.
Many times I would be in church as a child and be bored so I passed the times in many ways. As I grew older I started "Pouring my love to Saint Germain through his large picture in our Church. As time went on I grew more amazed by this experience and spoke to him often in my mind. Since there were pictures of Jesus as well as Saint Germain in our Church I poured my love to both Jesus and Saint Germain and with my parents I watched movies on the life of Jesus like the Robe, and some on his life as well as movies like the Ten Commandments and movies like Barabbas and Soloman and Sheba etc. This along with books like Blessed Among Women about Mother Mary and The Prodigal Genius: Nicola Tesla because my father was an electical contractor and Nicola Tesla was the father of alternating current. So you can see how science and religion were a very big part of my life. By 9 or 10 science and religion were entertwined. By age 11 I started to think that all people in religions were nuts and I was gravitating toward science completely as my religion. However, something else happened about this time to change me in a completely new way. I got childhood epilepsy. Compared to now very little was known about this disease or its causes. My father becamed ashamed of my epilepsy and would permit me or my mother to speak of it. Most people in the 50's were still pretty ignorant like in past centuries and so something like epilepsy had many scary connotations so dad made me tell no one about this illness. Besides, the seizures only happened at night when I was asleep so no one needed to know. However, my parents treated me different after that. I was always very bright intellectually like my father but he started demanding less of me intellectually because he knew stress caused seizures to be more frequent. They averaged one night time seizure while I was asleep every 6 months and were usually brought about when I was worrying about a test at school or a job I was working at after school like a newspaper route
Because of these seizures my normal kindly scientific adventurous self was deeply affected. I found myself slowly turning and searching for spiritual help,for divine intervention. I didn't want to be spiritual or religious because it all seemed too confusing. However, I had to find a way to survive. Each seizure brought me nearer and nearer to physical death. I knew this inherently and was terrified by this. When I was 14 my experience was being asleep and dreaming and something else came into my body and took it over. I woke up enough to run to my parents room for help but unfortunately my door was adjar and the end of my open door to my room hit my nose and broke it and knocking me unconscious. I woke up in a pool of my own blood from my broken nose on the floor. I was shaking and knew I couldn't survive another episode like this.
One year later I had my next episode but because of my last episode I had studied religion in the form of my parents religion. My father had said to me as I shook during the last seizure, "Son. You've got to get some prayers and religion under your belt." Though I didn't know what to believe I felt I had no choice but to become religious if I wanted to stay alive. I threw myself into the study of my parents religion in earnest and as a full adult even though I was but 14. I had not only the "Fear of God" within me but the "Absolute Terror of God" as well. Secretly, I was very angry that life, God, whatever was forcing me to become "religious" and "Spiritual". I just wanted to learn and have fun and party and whatever. But that was not to be. I started going to church 3 to 5 times a week. I became the youngest 100% "I Am" Student in Los Angeles by attending at least wednesday thursday and Friday nights to church. I even started attending on Sundays. After about 1 year of this I was learned, fortified and ready even though terrified of the next seizure episode. When it came I was peacefully dreaming when I was attacked. I saw a whole army coming to kill me. However, this time instead of having my dream arms and legs and head decapitated as before I looked at the army arrayed against me and invoked God into my soul by saying, ("I AM" in command here), very loudly, realizing fully "I AM" is the name of God. This caused the vast Army to become mine and obey me. I found this at once terrifying and exhilerating. I seldom have felt power like that since. However, for a long time after that I felt I had a tiger by the tail and that it would never be safe to let go of the tail of the tiger lest it kill me. (When Moses asked the Burning Bush God's name it said, "I AM that I am is my name" or something like that only in Aramaic I believe. However, I'm not sure what language it was because Aramaic was Jesus' native tongue so Moses either heard it in Egyptian or some other language. Because this experience completely changed my inward and outward life I identify very strongly with Moses and his experiences throughout his life.
Spiritually after invoking God into my life in this way I completely changed. Within a couple of months my physical appearance drastically changed also. Women started falling in love with me as I was 6 foot 3 inches tall and handsome. However, I wasn't always happy about this as I knew they were falling in love with the living God that had come into me and sometimes I was jealous of God. By the time I was 16 I grew tired of "The fear and terror of God". I suppose it was sort of "If you can't beat them, join them". So I developed what I called at the time and still do, "The Alchemy of Joy". I gave up being afraid of God and replaced it with the joy of the Angels. I decided to joyfully do God's work. I found this wonderful and powerful beyond anything I might have ever conceived. To this day I have experienced there is no limit to what one can do if God will's it also. So I moved in JOY to the beat of God's drum. As long as I am in tune with God there is no limit. As long as you are in tune with God there will be no limit to what you can do either.
I see myself helping guide those who have ears to hear and eyes to see to their perceptual promised land. For heaven is all around us if we can but see it and live it! During all this Saint Germain became more and more powerful and profound for me. Since both Jesus and Saint Germain are brothers in my eyes they both grew in stature and amazingness in my life. Since I believe that Joseph, Jesus' father was a previous incarnation of Saint Germain I see them as kindred beings, kindred souls. My father played the part of John the Baptist in the "I AM" presentation of the life of Christ in an Amphitheatre in Mt. Shasta City from around 1946 to 1973 or 4 every August or July depending on the year. In my life he was a real John the Baptist. We used to walk through the forest near Shasta Springs and he would rehearse his part before the pagaent. I can still remember him giving his part as we walked the trails even though he has been gone since 1985 now.
Some of the lifetimes of Saint Germain besides being Joseph, the father of Jesus were (I was told) Merlin the magician, Leonardo Da Vinci, Columbus, Frances Bacon of England during Queen Elizabeth's time(My family own an original copy of the Biliteral code) which is decoded directly from the original shakespearean manuscripts that were supposed to be written by Francis Bacon for Shakespeare since Bacon was the Lord Exchecker of London and it would have been unseemly for him to have been known then to have written the plays. Francis Bacon is also publicly known for writing Novus Organum and New Atlantis and as the father of the Scientific Method and many many other publications. When his coffin was opened many years after his death it was found filled with rocks and so the legends of his being Der Wondermann of Europe during the time of King Louis the 16th are also around. I own a book called the Compte De St. Germain written in the early 1900's in which 50 years apart one women notes that the count looks still 40 years old and graying at the temples even though 50 years have passed. She was a twenty something and he looked forty and then she was a 70 something and he had not changed from looking 40.
You can see how my life was from childhood on every level with Jesus and Saint Germain and Angels etc. After this scary experience with epilepsy and God taking over my body and Soul my consciousness expanded at an amazing rate. At times this was frightening because I was given many spiritual gifts. As long as I used these spiritual gifts to benefit others they grew. If I didn't understand some gifts or didn't know what they were for yet they would lie dormant in me until I understood or was instructed by Angels what all this meant. I would pass by people and know when they would die. I would ask God if I could help lengthen their lives. I found I had to be obediant like an angel of God and not try to help lengthen the life of one I was told to let pass on naturally according to their karma. I found I knew what people around me were thinking. I sometimes found this bothersome. Other times it was useful to my survival and the survival of others. Sometimes I found this financially useful. Most of the time I would ignore other peoples thoughts unless I found what they were thinking somehow relevant to my life or needs or to my survival or to the survival of my family and friends.
My mother and Grandmother were natural Celtic healers. My Grandmother though born in the US was raised in Scotland by her Scotch parents after their home burned down in Philadelphia, Pennsyvania. My grandmother came back to America with her husband in the early 1900's to Nebraska and then to Seattle where my Mom met my Dad. This natural healing ability they trained me with also. So I got natural healing abilities mixed with the natural telepathic abilities of all my relatives mixed with the scientific genius of my father and his family. My father, his father and my father's oldest brother were all Electrical Contractors. My uncle and Grandad in Seattle and my father in Los Angeles. My father wasn't allowed to go to college in the 30's during the depression. My father deeply resented this. Only recently did I realize that my father's father knew that my father would always have a job if he were a good electrician during the depression whereas if he went to college he might be homeless without a job as were millions of college graduates during the Great depression.
After God changed me at 15
Soon after I said, "I AM" in Command here) God came and took over my life. I suppose you could say I had to "Grow up early" and become very very responsible. I suppose this kept me alive because I was always an extreme physical risk taker. I recently found out that I have hundreds of hairline fractures in my feet from jumping off 1 and two story roofs as a child and teenager. Even though the fractures are all healed they are still obvious on an x-ray. So when God took over my life it became even more amazing in multiple ways. I had always been telepathic since I was a little child. I always wondered why adults never said what they really thought. By the time I was 15 I realized that politeness kept everyone from killing each other and this kind of politeness and kindness was the glue of families and societies in general and that politeness was the only veneer that prevented thousands and millions of violent deaths all the time.
I always knew how far I could take risks and still survive. While many of my friends became fearful I mostly lost my fear because of all my developed and growing gifts. If masters and angels sanctioned something I was doing I knew I could not die. The only accidents I had was when I did something that wasn't sanctioned by God and his Angels. These accidents have become fewer and fewer as I matured and grew wise. ******* tell stories of saint germain from age 15 on and in IAM school. Also as a 5 year old I got sick with chicken pox. My mother and Grandmother and father prayed deeply for me to get well so I wouldn't die as people died of stuff like that back then. I remember that the room turned gold I was in and that Jesus and his angels were there. After that I like to be a little sick so I could see Jesus and the angels heal me because my mother, father and Grandmother and friends had invoked them. I learned to invoke Jesus and his angels and Saint Germain between the ages of 5 and 9. Most of my life the first memories that I could remember were of seeing Arcangel Michael and his band appear in the air in front of me when I was about 2. I was lying in my grandmother's lap and she was singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" so it must have been around Christmas 1950. Because this memory is still so vivid it makes me think that I knew the Arcangels before I was born. Because they treated me like a war buddy. They treated me like I was family. Because of this I have found I could always trust the Arcangels to protect me from harm. When I was working as a landscaping contractor in the late 70's my partner and I did some bouldering jobs in La Jolla. My partner owned a dump truck with a small crane like device welded on the side. We got several boulders from a quarry over a ton each and had a skip loader place them in the dump truck. However, on the way to La Jolla I was driving behind the dump truck with my pickup truck and saw a blue glow on one of the boulders. I said, "Arcangel Michael, what are you doing on that boulder?" There was no answer but I knew something was up. Later as we were placing the boulder all the workers were afraid to go under the boulder to pull out the last strut. We all felt something wasn't right. I knew that I could remove the strut and did so in a fraction of a second. However, the moment I cleared the boulder the boulder fell scaring us all because the crane broke off the dump truck. I told my partner I would never do another bouldering job again. He understood. However, I profusely thanked Arcangel Michael for preparing me for danger by his presence and consciousness just as I am thanking him again today by writing this for you reading this right now!
There was such a major shift in my life at age 15 from puberty to adulthood, mentally, physically and spiritually it is difficult in some ways to say that I was the same person at all at 14 that I was at 15 or 16 or 17 or 21 or 25. I'm sure most of you can relate to what I'm saying on one level or the other in your own maturation process.
"And God Created Man in his Image"
What does "God Created Man in His Own Image" mean? Something like this is in the Bible. But what did this really mean? I ask this question of you because I think I know something about the answer.Even though childhood epilepsy appears to be a bad thing and even though when I invoked God into my body and spirit by saying "I am in command here" in my difficult dream which prevented that seizure and all others since I moved into a different way of functioning than most people on earth. The best way that I can make any sense of this is to say I was set-up by God to understand things in a specific way he wanted me to.
What is the scientific nature of epilepsy? It is scientifically having too much electricity in ones brain firing off all at once and causing an electrical overabundance which electrically causes a seizure which is electrical venting to prevent physical death from too much electricity in the brain. What did my father do? He was an electrician and so from age 5 I had studied Popular Electronics magazines and Popular Mechanics magazine and always got my best grades in school in Science from grade school all the way through High School and even my first major in College was Computer Data Processing in 1966. After I started having seizures every six months or so until they ended abruptly when God came into me, my father when I was 12 started training me every summer to be an electrician's helper. By the time I was 15 I could wire a home or a whole warehouse if given a good electrical blueprint to follow. One experience stuck in my mind from this. I was working on a 220 volt electrical panel hot because it was a pbs tv station in Los Angeles and it was operating and couldn't be turned off. I made a slight error in judgement and the electrical arc was so bright it blinded me for about 5 minutes and it burnt my screwdriver in half and spattered my face with sputterings of molten metal screwdriver shaft just like an arc welder would if you didn't have a protective hood on. Though my father got the tv station online within a couple of minutes the bright flash and the pain of bits of molten metal seared my face and the temporary blindness seared my senses. My father led me to some steps to sit since I was temporarily blind but all I could see was this bright flash of light burnt into my retinas and turning red, green, blue and then the pain of my eyes for a few days. This affected me in an unexpected way. I experienced that God was energy and was electrical and was quantum in nature. I never forgot that. That lesson moved me forward in awareness like a lightning flash.
Though the years I discovered that what God had really created in his image in man was not necessarily his physical body, although on some level that was a part of the package. I realized experiencially what God had created in man and in me was God's Consciousness electrically powered through our brain and nerves and that our brains were literally radio and holographic transceivers with the capacity somehow to transmit communication all around earth if necessary and throughout the known universe by some like myself.
However, experiencially understanding this forced me to become compassionate towards all beings in the universe so that my understanding experiencially of this did not and would not cause harm in any way. It also made me realize that I had to become more than just a responsible adult but also to protect life supernaturally because God had entrusted this experiencial awareness to me. All beings potentially could do this but here is the difference. I had really done it! and Just like Many adepts before me I had a responsibility to all beings on earth and beyond to properly use this awareness and the powers and gifts that went along with it.
It would be like being only one of a few people who could build a working ufo or Gasoline powered aircraft on earth. Those few people would be responsible how they used their knowledge to benefit all beings.
Because we have access to the consciousness of God and if we learn to use it correctly and according to his will we don't die or go crazy from it just like a car or truck can be fatal to a young child driving it but can be a godsend to those properly trained and adult enough in their demeanor. Likewise, if one is compassionate and wise and one by one the Gifts are properly used then they grow and grow and keep on coming as long as their are used compassionately and wisely toward all beings.
When I reached my senior year in public High School I came to see high school as ridiculous. Maybe it was because I had been dating a 19 year old girl going to Los Angeles State College (Now LA State University). Anyway, I told my parents I was dropping out of high school because it was stupid! Their response was to tell me that I should go to the "I AM" School in Santa Fe, New Mexico and graduate there. I decided to go because my girlfriend had just graduated there five months before, a good friend of mine attended there and I longed to be out on my own away from my parents and able to ski and live in the snow. The only two drawbacks were that I would be away from my girlfriend and that I couldn't take my car. My parents won out and I went.
This began my adult relationship with Saint Germain. I took Organ lessons there and played in church and as a reward I was allowed to play on a local pipe organ before I left Santa Fe in May 1966. My best friend there had a volkswagen bug and so there was plenty of snow play and amazing experiences in Santa Fe which is over 7000 feet in altitude in New Mexico. While I was there I grew more independant and grew to appreciate both Saint Germain and my parents. I found I could think of Saint Germain and talk to him and get answers to all the difficult questions in my life. This began to be consciously for me my apprenticeship to Saint Germain. As my spiritual gifts grew I grew and became kinder, stronger and more centered as an adult. By the time I graduated I was 18 and because I had had childhood epilepsy I was not drafted into the army and sent to Viet Nam. I felt blessed by this as many of my friends and associates were either drafted and went or joined the Air Force so they wouldn't be drafted or were drafted and deserted in Viet Nam or went to Canada to avoid the draft. If I had been drafted I would have gone as I was and am very patriotic but I now feel God had other things for me to do. As my father said, "I didn't raise you to be a religious person and a gentleman to then let you become an alcoholic chasing after whores by being drafted." I wasn't able to think in his way then but I still respected my father.
My experiences with Saint Germain got more amazing every year. Finally, because of my problems with the hypocricy of all churches including my own I was asked to leave my church which was emotionally devastating to me. However, this was just the very beginning of my relationship with both Saint Germain and Jesus.
I went with my girlfriend to see Katherine Kuhlman who was a faith healer in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles several times. However, my experience was probably a little different than most people because I am a gifted psychic. I went there to study how people actually got healed in those situations. I watched how Katherine Kuhlman sang "Aleluia" melodiously and somewhat hypnotically until she invoked peoples believes in healing and Jesus. I then watched people be healed by the focusing intuitively by Katherine Kuhlman of the beliefs of the thousands there present into those who wished to be healed. I always left those meetings in tears and feeling the holy spirit and grateful to be in America where something like this could happen for people. However, even at these times I was studying as a psychic and as a scientist because I firmly believed that all spirituality and true relgion is not only and art but a science just like building and flying a plane is.
Saint Germain created the scientific method while he was Francis Bacon so I applied it to all I saw converting all my experiences into hypotheses, Theories and Laws and always being open minded enough to move hypotheses to theories and theories to laws when given enough evidence and facts to back them up. As an adept it is less important at first at least to share everything you learn because most people won't believe you anyway. It is more important to be certain that your experiences and knowledge are based upon scientifically repeatable knowledge. Then as an older person you can share your knowledge so that younger spiritual scientists can take your hypotheses, Theories and Laws to the next stage. In this way the whole human race evolves not only scientifically but also spiritually. For there is no end of knowledge and there is no end of Wisdom or Compassion.
When I was working as a fire lookout in the mid 80's I was on break and doing Tibetan Buddhist practices that I had been initiated to by Tibetan Lamas. I was told to leave for India on December 10th. I went home and told my wife and since she knew I was precognitive she simply said, "How are we going to pay for that?" I said I didn't know but if God wanted this to happen the way would be provided. Within 1 week of this date we received and unexpected inheritance and we were able to magically get 5 open ended 6 month airline discount tickets to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bankock, and Katmandu,Nepal. So instead of December the 10th we flew out the 11th, 1985. Since I owned a business and since my lookout job was from April to October I was able to get someone to run my business while we were gone and I had 6 months off my lookout job in which to travel with my family.
We spent two months in Nepal and two months in India. While we were in India we spent time in Dharmsala where I met with several High lamas and I met Lam Rim Geshe who just came out of a 17 year retreat. Since a High lama and a monk told me I needed to go to Rewalsar, India we took a bus there. It is also in the Himalayas like Dharmsala. I asked Saint Germain to give me some kind of sign if he and Padmasambhava were the same person. This came in the form of a violet Lightning Storm which was very mind blowing for me and the fact that the melted rock footprint of Padmasambhava was exactly the same size as my size 14 vasques cascade hiking boots. I was pretty amazed at that. Also, when I returned to the US, my first wife and mother of my 30 year old son experienced in a vision all that I and my then 11 year old son experienced while we were there that day. Saint Germain had blown my mind with his wonderous wisdom yet again. Both my first and second wives had known and seen Saint Germain just as I had and both considered him one of their primary spiritual teachers just as I do.This temporarily ends my section on Saint Germain until I am guided to add more for you to read and contemplate and think about. It is my hope that all the witnessing and information provided here leads to your enlightenment and the enlightenment of all you hold near and dear. author's note: The above experiences recounted and the quotes are all factual. The following stories may or may not be completely factual. Since I am a precognitive psychic, however. They may be completely true. It is important to note that I write as God inspires me about what God inspires me to write. Most often this means that as I am naturally waking up in the morning without an alarm clock God will show me things to share with you. It is this intersection of asleep and waking in the morning that I want you to be aware of in your own lives. For this appears to be the easiest way to intersect with real conversations with God that I know of!

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