Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sort of went back to the old style

So far, I'm going back to the old style somewhat simply because none of the other stuff was working the way I wanted it too. So, the changes you see so far are fairly small and hopefully better? not sure yet. So, we'll see over the next few days.

If you change templates on your blog be sure to check how it loads on your computers(PCs and Macs) and Ipads or other gadgets similar and on android or Iphones so you kind of see whether it works well enough or not. Since nothing was working with the new stuff in an intuitive and sensible enough way for me I decided for now to go back to pretty much how it was before with a few changes that you might notice or not. Anyway, hopefully this wasn't an inconvenience for you while we tried to make other stuff work the past 6 hours or so. Thanks.

One thing that is missing is "Google translate which is capable of translating articles or sometimes the whole page into about 60 or 70 different languages. However, never expect above about 70% to 80% accuracy if you are checking with a robot translator. Even though likely they will get much better with time. I'll try to load another "Google Translate" when I have time.

The other thing I had was 12,787 labels so you could alphabetically see all my articles on the far bottom right on the page. But it slowed down the page loading so much that I had to delete that function. So, I'll probably stay with this for now.

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