Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Racism likely always will exist on Earth

My wife said to me last night, "Men and women are different races."
Actually, I have always agreed with this statement. So, all these years when people tried to say women were equal to men I would think, "How can two things that really cannot be compared be equal?" It's not that women don't deserve equal rights to men it is that they are completely different from men in every way. So, during my lifetime I watched women become more like men every day and begin to suffer from all the problems, health wise and psychologically that men always have had since the 1960s when I was 21 in 1969.

So, are men equal to women? No. I have always considered women superior to men on a variety of fronts. First of all, they can take the stress of childbirth. We aren't even having the baby and sometimes we freak out from our wives or girlfriends getting pregnant and having children even though they are the ones getting pregnant and sometimes dying from it like women always have down through the centuries.
2nd: Women have decided to be like men. Yes. Some of them have and in some ways some of them always were like men and they sometimes call these Lesbians and they were around when I grew up too. They are just more accepted now than they were then by society. because in the 1950s and 1960s the definitions of men and women were very narrow. And many men and women killed themselves then because they couldn't live in the narrow definitions of sexuality. So, equality has helped both men and women in some ways but confused the hell out of regular narrow definition men and women from traditional days before the late 1960s. So, confusion looks to be the present and future for mankind in every way in regard to sexuality.

Next, racism and sexism will always be there in some parts of the world because people won't be educated to be tolerant because there is no education in many parts of the world or because there is no education other than extremist religious education people will always be killed or tortured for being different in many parts of the world.

However, already in the U.S. and Europe people are killed or tortured less and less every year. And I think this is a victory for tolerance for different kinds and types of people whether they be from different sexes, different races, really big, really small, too fat, too skinny, disabilities etc.

So, in places like California people who are white and black and any sexuality can easily be friends especially in coastal cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. And likely the most accepting state in the Union of all races and creeds is California because we really believe in tolerance because it is a part of the psychology of California more so than any other state that I have ever seen.

I went to a wedding in North Carolina and saw a man having some difficulty who was black and so since in California we help each other no matter what race I said, "How are you?" and the man glared at me because I guess races don't get along there. I was shocked by this reaction from a black person because he treated me like I was a UFO which I guess I was because I'm from California where races and genders and disabled people actually all get along quite well.

I have always put women up on a pedestal, especially whoever I was dating or going out with or married to. This is just the way I was taught to respect women. You don't have fist fights with women, you don't kill women, and you respect them and protect them if you need to.

However, I also have protected men who need my protection too. So, anyone who needs protection of any gender, creed or sex I try to protect too. I think men are okay. It's just I consider women to be superior.

Life has always been really hard on men and it still is. Only now it is 1000 times more confusing than it needs to be.

Being a man was always tough. If you get into a jam you are always expendable and the first to die protecting everyone else. It's always been like that. As a man you always sacrifice yourself for your family your country. You always die at the drop of a hat because you are expendable, especially if you aren't married with children yet. Look around at homeless people. Only 1 in 10 is female because someone will almost always take a female in to live with them in a pinch. But men, they are dangerous so often after wars with PTSD, we die alone in the streets. It shouldn't be that way but it always has been. Always has been. So, is it easier to be a man or to be a woman?

There is no contest. It is easier in this world to be a woman. If you are a man be prepared to die or be beat up by another man or woman at a moment's notice anytime. Because this is just what it's like to be a man. Always has been.

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