Monday, May 26, 2014

Why I was able to soul travel at will to the Galactic Core

 I was reading a non-believer's account of the "I am Activity" that i was raised in from birth until 1969 when I was 21. Surprisingly, I discovered why I was able to soul travel into the Galactic Core as an adult and meet the Creators who created this Galaxy like a farm for them. Here is a quote that showed me why I was allowed and able to do this."

begin partial quote:

"The  (I Am) Activity affirms the reality of One God who is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent and who rules all creation. As the Life of the Universe, God permeates all things and is individualized for dynamic action. From the "I AM" perspective, light is the dominant form taken by divine realities. At the heart of our universe the Great Central Sun, the source of the God's power and authority, emanates forth as the "Mighty I AM Presence". As that Presence goes forth and is individualized, creation is brought into existence. Each individual begins as a spark from the divine flame."

end quote from:
So, the conditioning I received as a child in how to perceive things from this religion along with Archangel Michael appearing to me at age 2 and healing me of whooping cough which made me want to become like him as a soul traveler eventually caused me to be given by God the gift of conscious Soul Traveling for a Good Purpose as an adult. This allowed me to survive the trip to the Galactic Core and to meet the actual Creators of this Galaxy and to relay my experiences back to you here on earth.

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