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dragonofcompassion - Elohar

Note: This is the story of one of my mother's future incarnations when she is born around the 70th century on the first time line. (we are on the 2nd Timeline). She and her eventual husband to be, General Ragna, (my father reincarnated) change time and help create the 2nd timeline you and I live on now. On the first timeline on 9-11-01 time ended for western and eastern civilization so it ended for all intents and purposes. There are no sane humans much anywhere on earth from about 9-11-01 to around 5000 AD on the first timeline. Arcane went and helped Elohar start another timeline with the help of His Oneness and The Galactic sentience from the 7000s AD on the first time line so we have the second timeline (which is really nice of them) to live on now from 9-11-01. 

So, partly how it was done was by having President Bush read the Goat story to the children to help create the second timeline so people didn't freak out and start an accidental nuclear war instead.


dragonofcompassion - Elohar

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Elohar was first written (their initial exachange) in the early 1980s. Arcane's experience when banished (likely to earth in another time) (the future) was first in summer of 1980. Then I think Elohar came next when I was living for a few months on the northern California coast with my then wife and older children (now 43. 41 and 40). When I almost died of a Heart virus  in 1998 and 1999 I realized these were past lifetimes of myself and people I knew or know. So, this put an entirely different way of seeing it upon it. I also realized that Star Trek and Star Wars were also past life memories of the authors either in the deep past, or deep future (or the present in another part of the galaxy). So, once I realized this as I prepared to die it changed how I saw things a lot. Spiritual growth happens when it happens. Realizations are never expected they just happen sort of like the weather and all things you once thought were true might be blown away into a superior view of reality. Being open to the truth is how we evolve as souls in bodies here on earth.

My thought also is that likely Earth becomes the Planet New Deva at some point about 1 million years into the future. When human like people (at least with 75% genetics from Earth) arrive on New Deva it is a water planet because of all the wars and other changes to this sector of the galaxy. Things don't look like the Solar System does now and the location of the solar system is wrong for people then to think it is earth. So, when they arrive they think at most that it is an earth like planet and they still have writings and videos from the times we presently live in as it is a part of their history still. However, no one can definitively say that New Deva is Earth because there is no real way to prove it. However, many people who live there have angelic visitations and other experiences from the heaven realms of earth still in existence then. However, these types of things  (just like now) cannot fully be proved in such a way that everyone will believe it.

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