Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why is Time Space different off earth than on it?

I have seen examples of this in Physics presentations. Basically, the best way to describe it might be to say that imagine a rubber sheet that can stretch but that planets and suns and everything with mass and weight can stretch this rubber sheet sitting upon it. So, the planet or sun distorts the shape of the rubber sheet wherever it is. The rubber sheet is an example of how time space is distorted by planets and suns within our galaxy.

So, time space is different in the vicinity of earth than it is away from the earth or the sun. Then on top of this the weight and size of the sun really distorts time space so there is a sun distortion, an earth distortion and also a distortion from each and every planet, moon, asteroid, comet on down to a space ship distorting time space. But, each distorts time space according to it's gravity, mass and weight.

So, time space on earth is not time space in the sun is not time space on the moon.

So, even astronauts traveling to or on the space station are not experiencing exactly the same time space continuum we are here on earth.

I suppose even when you or I travel in a jet to another location when we are 30,000 to 35,000 feet in altitude we don't go above 45,000 feet because passenger jets decompress (lose their air) at that altitude because they aren't designed for 45,000 feet without the fuselage rupturing.

But, in addition to that if we use a radio or cell phone to contact earth we are still in slightly different space time than people stationary on earth are. But, it is so slight a conversation can still take place easily.

So, when I learned to soul travel gravity has no real affect on souls whatsoever, but it does have an effect on a mind. So, overcoming the natural tendency when one is traveling outside one's body to sense that gravity is real was pretty difficult. However, when I accidentally put my arm through the wall while in my soul body this began the paradigm shift for me(even though I didn't realize it at the time.) At the time I was just terrified to be outside of my body. I suppose it would be like if you woke up driving your car at 80 mph down the freeway. You just aren't prepared for this and might just freak out if you have no memory of all of ever having got into the car, started the car up or drove out of your driveway. So, out of the blue to be driving your car 80 mph down the freeway you might just go into shock because there is no context or sanity to this.

However, when I used to go up on my roof in my  soul body at night I liked to lay or sit on the roof and watch the stars and clouds go by. Then I found I could also slip through the roof back down into the house and into my body.

For example, Remote viewing is actually soul travel, but sometimes done in a way perceptually where some people think they are sort of watching TV in their minds. However, in reality you are soul traveling whether they view it this way or not.

I think the distinction for me is that soul traveling is more a spiritual experience and remote viewing is more a psychic experience. A person can have a psychic experience without believing in spirituality or God. However, consciously soul traveling one usually has to know about angels (that might help you and be your friends like they are to me) and one might want to be aware that there are other things out there to that might kill you or take over your body if you astral project and possess it so when you come back you have to fight them for your body.

So, this is why God taught me to Bi locate so my body wouldn't become possessed by things that go bump in the night so to speak.

Bi-location is the ability to be in more than one space time at the same moments. So, this is the safe way God taught me to soul travel. So, you can be in your bed at home (or anywhere really) and also be anywhere on earth or anywhere in the Galaxy and even in another time and space in the galaxy in the past, present or future. So, if you get into some kind of danger while bi-locating you simply snap back fully or partly into your body back here on earth.

However, the catch to spiritually soul traveling is that you usually need a system that you believe in that usually contains angels to protect you to safely soul travel the universe. Whereas there are many remote viewers who don't believe in God or spirituality or Buddhism or anything. They just know that they can do this TV in their minds all over earth thing.

However, I find it much more useful to be able to soul travel with angels and with God's blessing. Because in this state you are functioning as an angel on a mission from God or as a Spiritual pilgrim traveling the galaxy and sometimes both.

You might ask me, "How is this possible?"

Maybe a good way to explain this is: "When you watch a movie about another place and time as you think about it and get involved in the movie you begin to go to that time and space in reality if the movie is accurately conveyed to you. So, it could be said that you bi-locate as you watch any movie about the past, or future through time in addition to watching the movie as you get engrossed in the movie with your conscious and subconscious mind. Then after the movie you usually come back to your body and have to deal with the present time and space of your normal everyday lives.

When I got really good at soul traveling in my early 20s because God blessed me with this gift after first showing me it could be dangerous and almost killing me with a heart attack from the shock of finding I was astral projecting one night when I was alone and in college in the desert when I walked to the bathroom only to find I wasn't in my body when I tried to turn on the light to the bathroom and instead my arm went through the wall instead of turning the light switch on.

So, after this terrifying paradigm switch I had a good experience with all this a month or so later when God gave me a satisfying experience regarding bi-location and eventually over the next few years I bi-located all over earth and eventually into the core of our galaxy and met the Creators of the Galaxy which are a species of beings that originated in dark matter who basically never die like Gods that live millions and billions of years mostly because their natural state is not in a time space continuum. So, their species creates all galaxies like farms for them to feed off of energy converting from one state to another.

However, then one day I decided to go past the edge of the galaxy. And this was the biggest mistake for me in my life. Meeting the Creators wasn't a mistake because they told me that I am a soul spark from one of them just like all humans are. So, this just explained to me why I could get to them because I am one of them in spark form in a human body on earth.

But, when I went the edge of the galaxy and ventured out past the edge it was awful for me because pieces of me started exploding off me so I found this very confusing and terrifying. As soon as I could manage it I got back to the safety of the Galaxy which is like a mother to beings like us who live in a time space continuum. Outside the Galaxy even when just in a soul body time space can be terrifying.

However, I'm told that advanced Yogis sometimes like to go there because everything unbalanced explodes and flies off them. They do this for perfect clarity in their consciousness.

However, most of you here on earth would just go insane pretty fast and crap your pants if you went there. I still prefer not to go there even today and it stopped me from soul traveling the galaxy because I was so traumatized by my experiment until I met a Tibetan Lama when I was initiated for the first time by a Tibetan Buddhist empowerment and realized then how to travel between the galaxies without having to go into the void between galaxies. So, then I knew how to travel to any Galaxy I wanted as a soul traveler.

However, you have to have a good reason to do this to survive something like this.

Note: My other thought is that time space might not exist past the edge of a galaxy. It is possible that time space ONLY exists inside a Galaxy and generated  by whatever the Creators do to make a Galaxy and then maintain it.

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