Friday, May 30, 2014

New Format

Basically, you might have noticed some changes to the format. The search is upper right on the page. below that is translate page powered by google translate which can translate this page to about 60 or 70 different languages around the world. below that is archives. If you click on the 2014 triangle it will give you all months of the year so far(actually try clicking on the month triangle for the months, and the year triangle for the years. So, if you want a year click on that year triangle and it might give you the months for that year of blog articles if you are doing research on a month or year). If you click on a month it will display all blog articles that month. For previous years go to the bottom of this month and you can click on any year then any month to read those articles. My daughter wanted people to be able to subscribe. (I don't even know how this part works or anything about it) but she says it is good to have. Above todays' date are the buttons for the top 5 articles being read by people so far this month on whatever month that is you are in  then. To the left are the most well read articles of all time during the last 7 years here at this site. But, I think most of the time you might be more interested in the most read this month if you are interested in current events. She also put I think 15 articles vertically on the page in a row if you are interested in that(however, you have to be in the "Home" mode not the single article mode to see those 15 articles on the page open at once) or you can just click on the ones you are interested in this month to the right to get there quicker. Those are all the things I can think of now that you might notice but there might be more that I'm missing in this modified design that is a somewhat similar to what I had here before.

Later: I tried loading the intuitivefred888 page to my daughter's IPhone. I really liked the way it loaded to an Iphone and how it could be loaded as it appears on a computer or a blurb of each article where you click to the right where it opens up.

So, hopefully it is more efficient now. My daughter wants to increase the number of articles in partial form on computers and IPads by installing a "Read More" button so we might have partial articles with a read more button maybe at 25 or 30 articles in this form so you could read a little bit to know what you are starting to read about before you click to fully open up the article. However, we don't know yet whether this can be done without programming every article individually. Unless there is some kind of APP or subroutine already programmed that I can plug in I might leave it the way it is for now. Happy Reading! And Have a Great Day!

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