Thursday, May 29, 2014

A responsive Blogging Template?

  1. Note: My daughter is trying to convince me to change templates at my blog site here. I might have been convinced into making it a responsive template. What a responsive template is is a template that responds to different media well. So, if you load a page of mine on a smart phone it works easily or if you load it onto an Ipad it works easily or if you load it onto a computer it works easily. So far, I haven't been shown the negative sides of a responsive template. Anyway, if you click on my site and it looks and operates a little differently, please don't feel intimidated by that because if I make changes it is with the hope of engineering a better site for both you and everyone on earth that might want to visit here. So, I'm trying to design a more efficient intuitive operating blog site using the tools as I learn about them regarding web design. I'm just glad I don't have to write programs for all of this and can use existing templates instead. Anyway, have a nice Day!


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