Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mammals mostly see only blue and green

However, because we are primates as humans we evolved the ability through natural selection to see reds as well. This allowed us to pick out fruit to eat to survive better. So, the primates that led to humans could find this red or orange fruit in the trees better and so survived better.

This I learned on "Big History" on "The Sun" season 1 episode 13 where the sun's role in civilization is examined.

They were saying how some snakes can see infrared so that helps them find their prey. Birds like falcons and hawks and eagles and other predators see in the ultraviolet range so they can find the urine trails which show up in ultraviolet light. Recently I bought a little ultraviolet flash light so I can get to bed without waking up my wife who is very light sensitive so I won't trip over things in the dark because I am more of a late night person than she is.

However, because we can see Really good in the daylight it made humans a total daylight creature rather than a good night creature. Our religions reflect this especially in the religions that originate in the middle east where light is good and darkness is bad.

This comes directly from people being prey to wild animals and not able to see or protect themselves very well out in the dark at night for thousands of years. So, our structures and our religions (from the middle east) see dark as bad and Light as good mainly because eyes that can see red in addition to green and blue tend not to be as good at seeing things in the dark.

So, even though we can see really good during the day we have been more vulnerable to animals and other people trying to harm us when we are out at night which is reflected in our homes for protection at night and our religions saying light is good and night is bad.

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