Monday, May 26, 2014

Everyone can know and Experience Saint Germain or Jesus

However, to actually have experiences like this you usually have to believe you would or could have an experience like this.

The best way to put this is:

"If you didn't know you had arms and someone tied them behind your back and never showed you how to use them likely you wouldn't develop your arms or hands either."

The exact same thing is true of perceptions. If you don't believe you can experience something then likely you can't. However, if you are surrounded by people like I have been where experiences of angels and Jesus and Saint Germain are an everyday occurrence that one depends upon for their daily physical and spiritual survival then when people tell you those things aren't real you sort of laugh at them directly or under your breath.

So, if you don't believe you can do something then you can't (at least right then).

However, it might be important to note here that people who don't think they can run a 4 minute mile can't

and people who don't think they can clear 7 feet in a high jump can't

And people who don't think they can clear 14 feet in a pole vault can't either.

Something to think about!

You have to believe something is possible or it never will be! At least for you!

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