Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jonathan Flow in the Galactic Core?

Jonathan looked up at the Event Horizon above him. It seemed like beings here looked up from wherever they were on stars or planets or wherever they were now and looked at the event horizon which is the center of the Galaxy and sort of watched it the way people go to the ocean and watch the ocean waves crash or watch the sun set into the ocean or rise out of the ocean in the morning depending upon where you are on earth. Possibly people who don't live near an ocean don't experience life this way. Maybe Sunrise and Sunset might be a comparable awesome place to be. But, the Galactic Core is wonderful and ominous in the way of all these things, only it isn't just happening on one planet to one people and all creatures there it is happening to all planets and stars and suns in proximity to it. And all these suns and stars are very bright especially the ones who go zipping into the core.

He had been experiencing the void more lately that reminded him of his time way back in 1977 at the Scottish Rite Masonic Lodge in San Francisco on 19th street. There was a conference he attended when he lived in southern California then with his son who was then 4. Now his son was going to be a father soon too. So, as he watched the core move in the way that it did surrounded by all the brightness he was struck by the awesomeness of life in this Galaxy and in this Galactic Core. He wondered whether this was like this in all Galactic cores not just this one.

He realized they were somewhat similar like Nautilus shells that sometimes were found from oceans around the world in their spiraling effects around what is known as a black hole but what is when you are there sort of an open mouth receiving stars other things into an anti-matter Galaxy. You sort of sense the other dimension and the awesomeness you are experiencing there. So, comparing it to the Pacific Ocean on earth which is the biggest ocean might be appropriate unless you are looking up at the galaxy somewhere on earth that lights don't interfere with you seeing the galaxy at night.

He realized that a part of him never had left the core from the time he first visited it around 1970 or so. In fact, since time wasn't the same at all as earth here he wondered if anyone could ever come here or leave or even if that would make any sense to the beings here in this present context.

It seemed like all the beings here were meditating on the core or the transition point of matter to anti-matter to the anti-matter Galaxy through the center of the core. He wondered if things ever changed direction and flowed back into this Galaxy? That also could be possible sort of like alternating current or poles shifting on planets or stars. There always seemed to be the in breath and the out breath too. Balance. Life in the universe always seemed to achieve balance through something that resembled breathing maybe. In the meantime this was a very peaceful and yet surprisingly awesome place to be.

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