Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dharani: Ancient Yogic Methods to be free from Calamities like dissolution of the Universe

Dharani are the ancient Yogic Methods to be free from calamities such as dissolution of Universe. They are the most powerful.

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I started out as a mystical Christian Adept that was trained from birth to be an adept like Saint Germain. Then my next training was by empowerment by Tibetan Buddhist Lamas and in between I studied with many mystical Christian teachers and Gurus and Medicine Men along the way.

From my point of view now after studying various things since I was born and being free from the fear of something like the dissolution of the Universe is something I already have experienced.

For example, it is theoretically possible to have earth blow up in nuclear war and all the people who are aware on this level might maintain a replica of earth so people would believe that earth still exists. So, right now, earth might have already been destroyed by nuclear holocaust and you wouldn't know it.

Which is pretty cool. I'm not sure how many aware people it takes to actually do that but I know that is possible or could have already happened and you wouldn't know the difference for a variety of reasons. And the same if the Galaxy or universe disappeared or blew up too. the Dark matter universe exists whether or not the physical universe of galaxies exist or not.

Because life originally came from that non-time and non-space reality (at least not what we know as time or space). I'm not sure how to describe this better if you haven't experienced this yet yourself.

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