Friday, May 30, 2014

Future Shock and Culture Shock

Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook etc

I was rereading the above article (one of my top 10 most read articles during the last 7 years) and realized why so many people have read it.

The future will be very different than it might have been otherwise because of the "Supercharging" effect of what has happened since 1980 with Apple Computer, Microsoft and all Internet companies.

Just the idea of a child in Africa having access to more information than President Clinton did as President of the United States just by owning an IPhone is quite a statement in itself.

To know that statement is true sort of trumps any other statements one might utter on earth in regard to the changes since 1980.

So, the problems of spying on all people and all companies and all inventors and all inventions and all human activities though disheartening doesn't really address the changes we are facing now as a human race:

The first change is Future Shock and Culture Shock:

Change is now so quick that often people will isolate themselves to their mountain cabins or remote cabins by the lake or desert to get away from it all.

 But, then they take their computers, cell phones, Ipads etc. and use them there. So, they haven't really isolated themselves at all, they have just taken all the white noise and confusion with them into the wilderness.

And even if someone was sunbathing nude 20 to 50 miles from the nearest person on their deck or backyard somewhere it is very likely someone is watching them from a satellite somewhere thinking and doing whatever they are thinking or doing or saving that video or picture to show their friends.

This is what life is really like today here on earth.

Life for a human no longer resembles anything it did before:

And this is the true nature of Future Shock and Culture Shock:

Which is no privacy of thoughts or actions anywhere anytime.

One might live in the delusion of privacy when one is really remote somewhere but that isn't actual anymore ever. That is only a fantasy in someone's mind.

However, here's the thing. Even in cave man days when no one ever thought about technology because no one ever showed them any, likely UFOs were still watching people copulate even then.

So, just because we were innocent and naive then didn't mean beings weren't watching us even then.

Culture Shock! It has always been here we just didn't know it before.

Now we have to get used to it.

Or we can just pretend when we are alone in the wilderness that we actually are alone.

In the end what's the difference?

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