Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You already are everywhere in Space and Time

I had heard Gurus and spiritual teachers talk like this and I sensed it might be true from the 1960s on. But, it wasn't until I had soul traveled about 5 to 10 years that I realized the full truth of this.

So, just like me then you might "Sense" the truth of this but it is still just an intellectual truth and not an experiential one yet.

However, I realized the truth of it from my experiences. At first when I soul traveled I believed it took effort and energy to do it and often I would be completely emotionally exhausted by doing this at first because of the concentration it took and the focus it took sort of like flying a plane or hang glider or surfing on a big wave.

However, 5 or 10 years later I suddenly realized that time and space were not really real and that only being was real and that there was no real effort to be anywhere in time or space simply because we are already everywhere in time and space.

I'll try to explain why this is. First, physical human bodies are not something we are they are something we only wear as souls.

Once this isn't just intellectual but a real experience you are no longer afraid of death as a human being. You become like me where death is sort of like going to sleep at night and waking up tomorrow somewhere else. So, you aren't afraid of death anymore.

You might not want to be drugged or tortured but death itself isn't a thing to be afraid of at all.

So, from this "FEARLESS" state you can explore what the universe is.

However, from my point of view God gave us a body to be responsible for and to take care of and one should not underestimate that responsibility to oneself, one's soul and to God.

So, taking care of our bodies properly is fulfilling the covenant with God we made before we were conceived in our mother's wombs.

So, though we can soul travel it should always be for a Good and Noble Purpose. Just like being blessed with a good education should also be thought of as a blessing and only used for a good and noble purpose for oneself and one's family and for all mankind.

If you are privileged enough to go to college when most people on earth don't ever go to school ever, then you need to value your education both for yourself and for all life on earth. Because your education and your ability to have critical thoughts and decision making processes most people never will have because they live in almost a stone age reality over most of the  world. Only some parts of the world do people live in a technical world and a technology reality. Yes. it is true that is changing very fast with 5 billion cell phones on earth right now (more than there are flush toilets by the way). And solar cell phone chargers are making that possible.

And within about 10 to 25 years literally almost everyone who wants a cell phone on earth will have one and then literally everyone who wants a smart phone will have one. At that point things will change on earth much faster than you might be able to imagine right now as technical knowledge and all kinds of knowledge both good and bad explodes around the world through smart phones.  We already have an inkling about this because of the crazy diversity of videos on youtube and other videos storage areas online. Because people won't have to be able to read or write to share knowledge. All they have to do is to know someone who can video them so they can speak what they have to say on any subject worldwide.

How is it useful to experience you are everywhere in space and time?

You lose all fear. There is nothing scary enough to bother you in any permanent way except maybe boredom if you choose to go there.

However, I never stop being interested in life in the universe. There is always some new and amazing thing to discover about life that I didn't know the day before.

For example, did you know that crows and Ravens have the most developed social structure of any bird group?

They stay with their parents (at least one of them for 3 to 5 years) while the older one teaches the younger one and the younger one through experimentation also teaches the older one?

Did you know that that awful noise they make when you are around them is actually them calling "Danger! Danger! Danger! there are the scary humans!!" or something like that and when you are not around they have other bird words they share with each other to mean various different things?

I studied with a Medicine man named Crow for awhile in the early 1980s and often wondered why he chose the name Crow. He told me he could see through the eyes of Crows all over the earth as it was one of his gifts which is why he chose the name Crow when he became a medicine man which I thought was really interesting at the time.

But, I didn't know until a year or two ago about the social structure and words of Crows. So, often if a crow is near me and looking at me I will sense my old medicine man friend looking through it's eyes and I will say in my mind ,"Hi Crow!" and laugh a little inside at it all because life is really funny sometimes.

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