Monday, May 26, 2014

Today is only slightly less weird than yesterday

Today is Memorial Day and this is what my wife said as she went out to go shopping. I knew immediately what she meant because of the shootings at UCSB this week. The police had done everything they were allowed to to stop him before he did this. However, because he was an apparently very polite 5 foot 4 young man there was nothing they could do even after warnings from psychologists and relatives that this young man was a bomb just waiting to go off.

So, after finishing weed eating so no one can throw a cigarette from a moving car and start my front yard on fire I have been weed eating at least the last 10 feet to the paved road in front of my home near the Beach in Northern California. The pine trees and other trees in my yard wouldn't go up but I worry about any weeds or grass left uncut at this time of year with it so dry already. So, I wandered in to have breakfast and to write this for you.

I was thinking about how being suicidal (a somewhat normal state for young men and women to survive through between especially 12 and 30). I have seen this state myself especially between the ages of 21 and 24 myself where I wanted to off myself and anyone else that I thought had contributed to my suffering. However, I was religious and God Fearing and noble in my thoughts and well trained as a human being and personable in my actions even when I was deeply angry and troubled by my life. So, I survived by not wanting to shame or disgrace my parents by my suicide and by not wanting their lives ruined by my suicide. This is where I started from. So, basically then I stayed alive by being extremely self disciplined like a soldier in my life. And I practiced then from 1969 to 1973 "Make Love Not War" with as many girlfriends as possible and this also kept me alive because all the people dying then and coming back insane from that war was insane for people my age to deal with. No one came back from the front in Viet Nam completely sane or normal. This was a given. So as many started to kill themselves and their families or rob banks or do other crazy things it was pretty horrific to deal with for society just like after World War II which was about 100 times worse for vets than after the Viet Nam War.

So, the new type of mass murderer here on earth is someone very upset and willing not only to take themselves out but also as many people as possible too. You can't really prevent someone like this. Because they have no intention of ever going to jail because their motive is only revenge and suicide.

And psychologically speaking this is a normal mammalian reaction to overpopulation among young males who want to eliminate the competition for breeding. It is ingrained in the biology of mammalian males at a certain point of things not working out for them.

So, we see this now basically manifest in two ways.

1. the U.S. and free world way where someone (12 to 30 usually)  has had enough (whatever that means) and takes out a whole bunch of people before they either take out themselves or have the police do it for them if they don't have the courage to do it for themselves.


2. we have suicide terrorists who basically are exactly the same as the above in number 1 who realize that they can get money or food for their families and die at the same time by killing others and themselves with a bomb tied to their chests. And their families might worship them for generations for this because it gave them food and respect from other Muslims in their area of the world.

But, at core both number 1 and number 2 are the same people the world over just with different cultural norms in place both culturally and religiously.

And I think for a variety of reasons (mostly overpopulation and global Climate change) you are going to see a whole lot more of number 1 and number 2 all over the earth as a direct result of overpopulation and global climate change and other problems thrown in.

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