Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Edward Snowden

I think personally Edward Snowden did one of the biggest favors to the world that anyone ever has. Mostly, without him  living "1984" the book would have been the result (or maybe we are already there). So, taking everyone's rights away to have a private thought or a private moment or a private anything isn't possible anymore anywhere on earth. But, the end result is that no idea or thought or invention or anything will ever be secret enough to benefit from it enough to make it worthwhile to invent anything ever again.

Because even if the U.S. and every government on earth stop taking "Every" piece of information from every cell phone, Ipad, Computer or computer like device, companies will not stop doing this ongoing.

So, "Idea Theft" the moment you speak it or write it on any device connected to a phone or internet will guarantee someone else benefits from your idea "whatever it is" before you do.

And unfortunately I don't think any country or company can afford to not take "Everything" from now on without going out of business as a company or as a country.

So, I think more people are going to write down their ideas on paper in the hopes that no cameras (On their phones or computer devices or planted wherever they are are taking notes in real time.

So then, what is the real value of what Snowden did?

He made us aware that there IS NO PRivacy anywhere on earth regarding anything anymore. So, at least now we can adapt to the idea and hopefully compensate for that.

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