Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Cleft and the Dangle

My wife just put on the stereo the loudest I've ever heard it in my house so I decided to close the windows so neighbors won't be upset or worried.

However, I know what is going on. She is really upset our daughter is graduating High School and moving away to college. There are no two ways about it. In our conversation she started to dance with the incredibly loud rock and roll music to try to cope with this. I danced with her to be supportive in her hysteria. She mentioned something about "The Cleft and the Dangle" and I asked, "Where did you get that?". She said she probably read it somewhere which besides physical therapy to prepare for a knee replacement surgery in the next month or so she is also doing regularly.

I found early when I came in from the hot tub outside in sun where I was blogging that it was incredibly loud and loud enough to take the hearing aids out of my ears so I didn't go deaf.

I used to not wear my hearing aids until recently into the hot tub because they originally cost me $5000. They are Starkeys and very good and very adjustable through computer devices when I go to the hearing specialist. But, I've had them about 3 years now and they are supposed to last about 5 years and I keep forgetting to put them in which is bad for my brain remembering to be able to hear sounds(at least some sounds) so I should wear them as much as possible.

By the way if you are saying,  "What?" to people more than once a day you need to get your hearing checked, otherwise if you let it keep going it leads to a type of "Brain deafness" where your brain cannot know what sounds mean. They can cure your hearing but not your brain not knowing what sounds mean. So, get your hearing checked so your brain can remember how to hear.

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