Monday, May 26, 2014

Nationalism returns to Europe?

They are saying it is possible the EU will be done away with. However, I think it is more likely in the long run that the EU will likely become stronger and more efficient and more militarized. But, in the short run likely nations will take back more power as they feel threatened by what is happening in Ukraine, Moldova and Syria.

I see this move as a move coming from terror of seeing something potentially as bad as World War II once again spreading across Europe. So, the reaction of Nationalism and movement against immigration isn't surprising as the world changes. Though immigration often allows growth as the immigrants into new countries often help economies grow because many european countries are actually losing population because people aren't having babies because of young people not getting good enough jobs to be able to afford to get married.

Whereas immigrants have a completely different philosophy. Where they come from often there are no social welfare systems in place at all. So, for them having as many children as possible is the only way you have someone to take care of you when you are old financially and otherwise. Otherwise, you can expect to die easily by 50 or 60 at the oldest if you don't have children to help support and take care of you.

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