Friday, May 30, 2014

Couldn't get a responsive blogging template to work right

A responsive Blogging Template?

At the begginning of the new format quest yesterday I was trying to get a Responsive Blogging Template to work. It slowed down loading pages so much I finally gave up. Just trying to install it on 3 different computers at my house became impossible and 2 of the computers froze up from trying to install and modify a responsive blogging template correctly and successfully. So, I finally gave up because we couldn't get it to load or run right or weren't able to modify it in the way we wanted to give you a good enough site to visit. So, I want to apologize to users of androids, IPhones, IPads etc. if the pages don't load perfectly on your devices. However, I haven't checked to see how they are doing with my old format yet. However even when the initial responsive template was used I really didn't like that outcome either. I'll try to load on my android to see how this one works.

Android seems to be loading okay. I don't have an IPhone but I'll check my site on my daughter's when she gets up this morning. On the android I found I went into google and put in intuitivefred888. Then I could choose an article at Google specifically. Then if I loaded that article I could go to the bottom of the page and there is a home button and a left or right arrow for more articles. Though it is a little cumbersome you can still navigate sort of through the last month of articles pretty easily.

My IPad loads pretty well and operates pretty much like on a computer except of course you are touching the screen with the tips of your fingers to navigate. So, so far both my  Android operating system phone and IPad and computers are doing well with the modified intuitivefred888 site.

Days later: June 3rd 2014: I tried my daughter's Iphone5 and was pretty impressed with how well it did on the Iphone5 which was better than on an android. It loaded almost exactly like it did on my computers which I was greatly impressed with and by spreading one's fingers or closing them one could do almost anything one wanted with my site from an IPhone5.

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