Monday, May 26, 2014

How does one prepare for Oceanic Spiritual Experiences?

To some degree this is different for everyone. For me, these experiences usually don't come while I am in a church. The mostly happen either where I live or in nature someplace.

And the thing about oceanic experiences is they happen when you least expect them to almost every time. So, being able to go with the moment and sort of being prepared at all moments is useful in this.

One cannot entirely separate those amazing moments in life when someone special smiles at you or the sunset takes away your breath or a mountain takes away your breath or a Lake or a view of the ocean or even the view of the movement of someone that takes your breath away. These kinds of moments can also be oceanic moments because these are all moments that can completely change your life from what it was to something entirely new and different. This is what "moments with God" or Oceanic moments do too.

Preparing for something like this one first of all needs to try and run energy that won't make babies cry when you come into the room. If you can hold a baby and just holding the baby makes you or the baby smile this is preferable for the state you want to be in  to facilitate oceanic experiences. It's not that you never have a stray thought or some kind of thought you might be embarrassed about. It's that your meditational stream of consciousness is a focus of yours. Your own self generated constant oceanic experience you generate yourself from positive thoughts and actions will tend to bring oceanic experiences into your life as you help yourself and others in your life in little or big ways ongoing.

It isn't about proving yourself to yourself or God. It is just being as you would imagine God would want you to Be as much of the time as possible which is a peaceful focused place that feels good to be in whether you are in a city, the country or somewhere in between. But, always be aware of your surroundings so you aren't hit by a bus or car or someone trying to mug you or something like that. IF you are in the wilderness you still have to watch for hornets, raccoons, any animals traveling with babies especially bears. Because it doesn't matter what kind of bear it is if it is a mother and cubs or a deer and a baby even a deer can be lethal to someone who hasn't seen those hoofs in action against anthing or one that a mother deer considers to be a threat to her baby(s).

So, just don't run your energy so you make babies cry when entering the room and that's a good start.

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