Monday, February 11, 2019

Massive insect and sea fish die offs are the canary in the Coal Mine

On a micro scale it is a lot like when the dinosaurs all died off 65 million years ago.

If you think about it this way you can see the consequences we are dealing with right now. Instead of dinosaurs dying off we have massive fish die offs caused by over fishing worldwide and we have massive insect die off caused by insecticides on farms worldwide and likely cars and trucks with insects hitting the windshields and you have animals dying as road kill all over the world or animals being hunted to extinction by hungry people or poachers that are killing elephants and rhinos for their tusks.

In this way you can see how humanity is and will be affected in various different ways around the world because this is a chain reaction of events.

So, because we don't have any record of anything like this, the consequences are unknown for the present. We can theorize what will happen next but more likely it will surprise us in unexpected ways because of the present ecological imbalances worldwide.

More studies need to be made to see what the consequences will be theoretically so humans can maybe survive the consequences of these various disasters for the ecology worldwide.

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