Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Research of a lifetime

This is my best guess from everything I've studied so far:

We likely as humanoids (originated) either in this galaxy or another. However, as humanoids we are very adaptable and capable of genetic engineering our progeny to live on almost any planet known by one means or another. So, we move (of necessity) or by whim, from planet to planet to solar system to solar system much like how the whole world (earth) was settled originally from Africa it is now believed. But, I know we have been in the Solar System for at least 65 million years because that is when our ancestors nuked "Maldek" into the Asteroid belt. But, it is quite likely humans have lived on Venus (when it was cooler when the sun was cooler) at one time and then moved to Mars and Maldek when the sun heated up and then moved to Earth when Maldek was nuked out into the asteroid belt which also blew most of the atmosphere off of Mars as well. So, the survivors of Maldek and Mars likely moved to Earth after they sent one asteroid to earth to kill the largest dinosaurs so they wouldn't have to compete with them for survival on earth. And the richer survivors of Maldek and Mars left for previous solar systems we used to live in because they didn't want to compete for survival on earth because that likely killed most humanoids before they genetically engineered us to be their slaves from their dna combined with Earth Ape DNA.

This is most likely what I get is the truth about mankind here on earth so far if I go back 100 million to 200 million years regarding life on earth and where 1/2 of our DNA or more came from.

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